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4 Places to go Backcountry Backpacking in Seattle NorthCountry

These hikes will send you packin’. Literally.

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An easygoing meander or an all-out trek is yours for the taking this backpacking season. Whatever your itch, you can find what you’re looking for in the nearby wilderness of Seattle NorthCountry.

Gothic Basin

You can access the Gothic Basin trail from the Mountain Loop Highway in Granite Falls. It runs through nine miles of rocky terrain, mining artifacts, and creeks roundtrip. It ends at a beautiful pool noted for the mountain peaks that can be seen reflected on its surface.

Wallace Falls State Park

Visitors love the convenient photo and picnic opportunities at Wallace Falls. Entry is just a mile north of Gold Bar. Its loop offers all-terrain hiking of moderate difficulty year-round and at its highest points, backpackers catch sweeping views of Snohomish Valley on especially clear days. Camp at Jay Lake or Wallace Lake with an overnight permit.

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Blanca Lake Trailhead

From the old mining town of Gold Bar, the popular Blanca Lake Trail leads outdoor enthusiasts on a difficult yet rewarding 13-mile trek into Wild Sky Wilderness. With views of Glacier, Columbia, and Monte Cristo peaks along the way, it’s no wonder this trail can be found on many hikers’ bucket lists.

The Alpine Lakes Wilderness

Part of neighboring Chelan and Okanogan counties, the Alpine Lakes Wilderness is worth more than a mention. It plays host to more than 700 lakes, tarns, and crystalline pools that are accessible by 20 different trailheads, including the famous Pacific Crest Trail.

Still not finding what you’re looking for? Head over to the Washington Trails Association for more trails, tips, and planning information for your next backpacking adventure.

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