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4 Urban Leaf Hikes

Fall walks in the Northwest are the best.

Sure, we’re best known for our stunning evergreen trees, but our deciduous scene also explodes in color every September.

The following paths are easy to access from the comfort of a paved city path, so grab a cup of coffee or a pastry, lace up your waterproof walking shoes, and get your phone ready to take some delicious and Instagram-ready autumn pics.

Lowell Riverfront Trail
Everett, WA

This paved trail that meanders next to the Snohomish River. On a clear day you can see the Cascade Mountains to the east. Cottonwoods and other riparian species drop their foliage on the trail in the fall, and you’ll want to have your phone to capture scenic vistas.

Centennial Trail in Snohomish
Snohomish, WA

This paved walking/biking/longboard skating path stretches for 30 miles. Catch the mile or so that goes through the city of Snohomish, though, and you have an ideal leaf walk that will fill a contemplative morning. Stop in the city’s downtown for hot soup and a cup of coffee at Snohomish Bakery at First and Union Kitchen.

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Al Borlin Park
Monroe, WA

Al Borlin Park is on a forested island in the Skykomish River. Its wooded paths open up to views of the river and its riverbanks, mountain vistas, and even the remains of two abandoned railroad bridge trestles. Perfect.

Bothell Landing
Bothell, WA

This paved path traces the peaceful Snoqualmie River. The east end of the trail is dotted with wineries and breweries; on the west end the trail skirts Lake Washington and becomes Seattle’s Burke Gilman Trail. The whole path is favored by bicyclists and recreational walkers. There are plenty of trees on this path and they shed their leaves every autumn to make an orange-red carpet on the path.

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