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5 Cozy Cabins in the PNW (Plus One Jaw-Dropping Geodesic Dome)

The best time to get cozy in the backwoods of the Pacific Northwest is right now. Summer’s winding down and the air is getting crisp. Fall is around the corner.

Just picture it. Rain on the roof, the white noise of a rushing river. A fiery array of autumnal foliage. Fat big-leaf maple leaves thrumming with thick raindrops. Ferns. Mushrooms. That distinct smell of evergreen trees exhaling pure oxygen into your lungs. 

Slam the laptop. Walk away from the work email. Disable notifications and set up an autoreply. It’s time to disappear for a little bit.  

Restore and reward yourself this autumn by visiting Snohomish County and hiding away in a cozy cabin. 

Here are your best options. 

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1. Tye Haus 

Check out this modern spin on the classic A-frame in the woods. This location has been all over the socials for a delightful reason – I mean, just look at the goods here. Perfect for the ‘gram or the TikTok. Or go next level and set the phone down for the weekend so that you can be in the moment.  

Airbnb link 


Instagram @tyehaus 

Header image curtesy of Tye River Cabin Co. Images Below courtesy of Tye Haus Cabin Co- @finding.jules and @kendrajfredrickson.

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2. Landing Pad Cabins 

Go hobbit-style and hide out in a comfy cabin with a porthole view of the woods. Seek this hideaway in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains and get some distance from the city for a spell.  

This place requires a two-night stay, and that’s just perfect -- you need a couple of days to yourself or an escape with a loved one.   

Airbnb link 

Instagram @landingpadcabins 

3. Canyon Creek Cabins 

The Canyon Creek Cabins are a luxurious launchpad for the outdoor rec activity of your choice. There are three of cabins to choose from.  

Stay just outside the town of Granite Falls, WA and you’ll be within reach of some of the best hiking in Snohomish County (heck, maybe the PNW). Lodge in style after a day of trekking Gothic Basin, Lake 22, or Mount Pilchuck. 

Airbnb link Cabin #1 

Website https://www.canyoncreekcabins.com/ 


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4. The Treeframe Cabin 

It’s a treehouse, but it’s also a modern A-frame 13 feet off the house. And there’s a hot tub.  

This woodsy property was featured on A&E's "Living Smaller" TV show and has gone viral on both IG and TikTok. It’s easy to see why! 

Bonus: a portion of the money from each stay goes to worthy nonprofits and trail associations. Lodge in style and take comfort in knowing that it’s going toward a good cause. 

Airbnb link 

Website https://www.indexcabins.com/ 

Instagram @indexcabins 


5. Stevens Pass Basecamp 

Relax within moments of Stevens Pass. Fall quickly turns into snow season come mid-November, so book now to save your spot for some seasonal downhill or cross-country skiing. Also, many delightful hikes are within a short drive of this vacation destination including Heybrook Ridge, Lake Serene and Bridal Veil Falls 

Book it here. 

Image below courtesy of Tye Haus Cabin Co. 

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Bonus: Sky Valley GeoDomes  

Ok, you’ve gotta see this one. The only thing that's better than a cabin in the woods is a geodesic dome in the woods.  

Geometric windows look out at Mount Baring and Gunn Peak framed and centered perfectly in the rolling Cascade Range. 

It’s also complete with a sauna. And, I mean... what else is there to say? This place practically sells itself as a rental destination.  

Sky Valley GeoDomes | Huge Views + Barrel Sauna - Dome houses for Rent in Sultan, Washington, United States - Airbnb 

Images curtesy of Tye River Cabins Co- @finding.jules


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