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5 Photogenic Places in Seattle NorthCountry

When you go somewhere new you want to show off where you’ve been and how rad it was.

When you visit Seattle NorthCountry you’re in luck – there's no shortage of eye-catching features for the would-be photographer. We have everything from coniferous forests to sunsets splashed across mountain peaks; from boats bobbing in the marina to urban cityscapes filled with diverse peoples.  

It’s best to take only photos, anyways. In this neck of the woods we tread lighttly and make every effort to leave no trace. What follows are five failproof, relatively easy to access locations for getting the snaps that will get the likes on social media. 

A word about geotagging. Before you “check in” on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok, make sure that the spot you’re in isn’t sensitive. Is it a designated hiking trail or have you gone into the woods? Please consider the moral implications of “blowing up” nature – sometimes it’s just better to give the land a rest, you know? If geotag you must, consider using a vague tag like “Snohomish County” or “Washington State” to protect the innocent, so to speak. 

Thanks for helping to keep our beautiful places beautiful. 

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Mukilteo Lighthouse Beach 

The photos practically take themselves here, yet you’d be remiss to not slip into a shot or two for the ideal PNW selfie. What’s in store at this public access beach? Washington State ferries pass by, crossing Puget Sound to islands beyond. A historic lighthouse commands the park. Seagrasses and driftwood frame an eastward view, making this a popular destination for folks looking to photograph a brilliantly colored sunset. Additional bonus – you can occasionally see and photograph pods of orcas travelling through their hunting grounds offshore.  

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The Mountain Loop Highway 

Ok, the actual highway is pretty much hemmed in by towering conifers (c’mon, we’re called the Evergreen State) but pull of the road most anywhere and hike a mile or two and you’ll come upon vistas that are ridiculously beautiful. Think about the classic PNW landscape with rolling tree-covered foothills and the Cascade Mountains, the foreground filled with waterfalls and heather blowing in the wind. You get the idea. 

Special note while photographing in the backwoods -- be smart. Every year local search and rescue has to rescue a hapless recreator who has unwittingly fallen down scree or tumbled into a ravine. Before you pop your eye into the camera’s viewfinder and get absorbed in framing the ideal shot, please double check your surroundings for potential hazards.   

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The Snohomish River Valley - seasonal 

The Snohomish River Valley in fall burns orange with the changing of the leaves. It rustles with corn stalks in the golden autumn light. Pumpkin fields and sunflower rows make for excellent backdrops to a portrait, or can even stand on their own as a testament to the agricultural excellence of this river valley. If you want a good seasonal family picture or a smalltown, semirural Americana vibe, the working farms of Snohomish offer wholesome photo ops galore. A simple Google search will pull up several farms ripe for the picture-taking. Enjoy! 

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Murals of Downtown Everett 

Downtown Everett underwent a colorful renaissance during the coronavirus pandemic. Artists gathered to spruce up blank walls with brilliant colors and larger-than-life murals. Visitors won’t find it hard to discover artistic graffiti popping up in the side streets, alleys, and the exteriors of vintage buildings in this former mill town. With such colorful shapes and images readily available, just simply hoist your camera and go on a treasure hunt. Can you find them all? 

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Wallace Falls 

While there are countless hiking paths to choose from in Snohomish County, we recommend Wallace Falls, because it’s one of the easiest and easiest to access hikes. Also, there are several stunning views of the eponymous waterfalls, making this quite the selfie spot. Or an “us-ie” if you have a hiking buddy along for the trek. 

Did you capture a truly stunning photo? Tag us @seattlenorthcountry and we’ll be happy to share it (with your permission, of course)!   


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