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7 Ways to Travel Sustainably in an Urban Environment

“Leave no trace” also counts in the city.

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If sustainable living is as important to you as it is to most of us here in the Pacific Northwest, then you’ll appreciate these seven ways to visit Seattle NorthCountry in a way that leaves a small footprint.

Bring a reusable water bottle and eating utensils

Plastic trash can add up fast, especially when you’re out and about. Cut down on unnecessary waste by carrying your own reusable water bottle and dining utensils. If you’re a straw user, consider bringing your own metal straw.

Give support where needed

Many small businesses are struggling during the Coronavirus pandemic. Consider which places you'd like to give money to and patronize these establishments. IT's an investment in the future!

Ride a bicycle

Travel with your own or rent a bicycle for your journeys. Bike on the road or take your pick from a number of bike-friendly trails: The Centennial Trail, Interurban Trail, or The Milltown Trail.

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Don’t forget collapsible shopping bags

Plastic bags are being phased out in the Seattle area. Consider traveling with a lightweight collapsible tote — most can fold down smaller than the size of a fist.

Catch a Swift Bus

Swift is a different kind of bus service that is designed to get where you need to go, and fast. With Swift Green and Blue Lines, traveling within the Coastal Communities and Urban Basecamp is a breeze. The Green Line connects the Boeing Future of Flight to the north, Paine Field, and the shopping center at the Mill Creek Town Center, while the Blue Line connects Everett, Lynnwood and the arts community of Edmonds.

Tone down energy use

Remember to turn off lights and electronic devices when you leave your hotel. You may not be directly paying for the light bill, but conservation counts.

Choose souvenirs intentionally

Some souvenirs may represent Seattle NorthCountry but were made in factories overseas and shipped from other parts of the world. Find that special something to remember your visit here by perusing a farmer’s market or supporting a small local business.

Enjoy the Pacific Northwest responsibly while looking forward. Seattle NorthCountry is truly a gift we can give back to.

Christa Porter

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