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7 Ways to Travel Sustainably in Rural Areas

Travel light, leave no trace, find joy.

From its striking natural beauty and immersive outdoor activities to towns steeped in a shared history of interdependence, there’s a lot to love about Seattle NorthCountry. Knowing how to travel sustainably around it is vital if we want to enjoy this region for years to come.

Here are 7 ways we can do just that.

1. Join a hiking or carpool hiking group

There are literally dozens of Facebook groups, Meet-ups, and clubs where you can find new hiking buddies to carpool with. Washington Trails Association has a great list to help kickstart your search for the best group.

2. Support local businesses

Protecting the places we care about means supporting the local economy. Get what you need from where you’ll be visiting if at all possible. When visitors buy local communities thrive, and strive to preserve local attractions.

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3. Learn about where you’re going

Take an active part in sustaining the culture of SnoCo’s residents by learning about the history and traditions at the location of your next adventure.

4. Experience Seattle NorthCountry by bike

Whether you’re looking to get out for an hour or two with the kids or ready to take on the 30-mile Centennial trail, there’s no lack of resources for cyclists who want to experience this gas-free alternative.

5. Become a “bikepacker”

Washington State parks and many other campgrounds are some of the most hospitable to campers arriving by bike. Before loading up the car, find out if your campground has spaces reserved for cyclists.

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6. Take the bus

Community Transit offers many routes serving areas near popular trailheads along Highway 2 and the Mountain Loop Highway.

7. Eat sustainably

Eliminate single-use items like water bottles and plastic bags and instead opt for reusables or enjoy meals at local restaurants.

There are multiple ways you can ensure you’re protecting as well as enjoying all Seattle NorthCountry has to offer. Get creative and remember that traveling sustainably may take a little extra effort but it will also amplify your joy.

Shari Shephard