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H-Mart - a Foodie Field Trip to Savor

For regular travellers making Lynnwood their Seattle NorthCountry basecamp, eating out can be a drain in more ways than one.

The area has no shortage of restaurants, but for business travellers and budget conscious travellers alike, sometimes all you want is a decent bowl of noodles you can make in the hotel microwave. Those inclined to dine in-room without tapping room service, especially adventurous eaters, would be wise to check out the local Lynnwood H-Mart, just north of Alderwood Mall. (184th Street Southwest, Lynnwood)

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If you’ve been to an H-Mart before, you already know the glorious food utopia contained behind those sliding glass doors. If not, you are definitely in for a treat. But be warned, this is no quick-stop to resupply. H-Mart is a massive Asian grocery store well worth exploring for the cuisine curious, noodle loyalists and, really, anyone with an appetite. The name is short for “Han Ah Reum,” which, in Korean, means “one arm full.” That said, I recommend you just grab a cart and keep your arms free as you stroll the aisles.

The stock is a about half Korean staples, with plenty of other Asian and American offerings to fill the rest of the shelves, along with produce, meat, and fish so fresh it’ll bite you. Not that I would recommend bringing fish back to your hotel room. If you do have your heart set on raw fish, there is plenty of prepared sushi neatly wrapped for takeaway convenience.


In fact, for those ready to dive into some serious Asian goodness without the hassle, there’s no shortage of ready-to-eat meals to grab and go. Then again, the smells wafting from the active food court might entice you to just hang out and enjoy your meal right then and there.

Belly full of gochujang goodness, you might find yourself taking a slower lap around this massive store. There’s bound to be an MSG- friendly snack you’ve never tried before, and you never know when you’ll stumble across the perfect gift for a friend back home. H-Mart is the kind of store that draws you in and holds you there. Just be careful not to lose track of time if you’re on a schedule. For foodies in search of Asian flavor, it’s easy to get lost in the snack aisle alone.

Krista Quinby

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