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A Weekend in Lynnwood

The city of Lynnwood lies just 16 miles north of Seattle. It’s an urban hub at the intersection of light rail and two interstate highways.

As such, it’s a basecamp for PNW adventure, with lodging at sub-Seattle prices. From here you can launch a day trip to the mountains, the sea, or the Emerald City.

International dining options abound in Lynnwood. Seek out strip mall dim sum or load up on your own groceries at the beloved H Mart Asian supermarket.

The Alderwood area is a classic PNW favorite for retail shopping. The mall is being repurposed as a downtown environment that mixes livability, and walkability within striking distance of a brand-new regional light rail station.  

Looking to get around easily? Zip shuttles offer an on-demand ride service for travel anywhere within the Alderwood service area for the same price as local bus fare. You can take Zip Alderwood to the mall, movies, rec center and to connect to bus services and Lynnwood Transit Center. 

Maybe you’ve never thought about a vacation in Lynnwood. But you’ll want to consider this loaded three-day itinerary for a packed weekend that stretches both your vacation dollar and sense of Northwest exploration.

Embassy Suites

Day 1

The Katsu Burger & H Mart combo

You’re hungry after your trip, so your first stop should be Katsu Burger and H Mart. 

Katsu Burger is a Japanese fusion take on classic burgers: savory fried tofu or panko-breaded beef patties served alongside French fries with seaweed sprinkles and curried catsups. The rich and varied flavors here bring the locals to this modern burger stop in droves.

H Mart offers a full supermarket of Asian foods and products. There are delicious comfort foods, fresh fish, and large varieties of produce that you may not be able to find elsewhere. If you’re staying in an AirBnB or a hotel room with a kitchen and you love to cook, you owe yourself a trip to H Mart to find the goods.

Lodging: Embassy Suites or The Hilton Garden Inn

Speaking of hotels, you’re in luck when it comes to lodging options in Lynnwood. 

Embassy Suites is in a quieter section of the city. It’s the ideal option for visitors who would like nearby access to retail and restaurants.

The Hilton Garden Inn is a modern building with brand-new amenities located directly next to Interstate 5. From the hotel, a guest can walk to several dining options nearby, or easily drive to Seattle, some fifteen minutes away. 

View and book one of Lynnwood’s 13 hotels right here.

Dining at Alderwood


Day 2

The Alderwood Mall shopping experience is a whole morning. Over 150 high-end retail stores, restaurants, and a movie theater offer a morning of exploration. In an era when most malls in America are in decline, the Alderwood Mall is thriving. This is partly due to new development near the mall: more housing and public transportation make for mixed-use areas including entertaining space, shops, dining, and events.

Lasa Sandwiches and Pearls on Highway 99 offers delicious Filipino-style sandwiches and boba tea in prismatic colors. It’s a prime example of the small international dining options that Lynnwood offers.

Temple Distilling Time to get a drink. Temple Distilling is a husband-and-wife-owned indie distillery, most famous for their gin that comes in artfully designed bottles. Pick up a bottle for the hotel and raise a glass to your own good fortune: spirits these delicious are a rare delight.

Whirlyball much?

Day 3

Want to explore urban areas north of Seattle on bike? The Interurban Trail is a long trail system that takes bicyclists, walkers, joggers, and rollerbladers either north to Everett or south to Seattle. The paved path wends through residential areas, so keep your eyes peeled for signage and crosswalks.

Another Castle arcade/WhirlyBall/Lynnwood Bowl N’ Skate

In search of good clean retro fun? Several nostalgic options await you in Lynnwood. 

Another Castle arcade offers a true vintage arcade experience (think Donkey Kong cabinets and Dance Dance Revolution). Bring a fistful of quarters and your best pinball tricks. 

WhirlyBall is a sport that’s part bumper cars, part tag, part basketball, and (surprisingly) part jai alai. It’s a team sport that’s all fun. And they serve delicious pizzas. 

The Lynnwood Bowl and Skate is a great place to bowl a few frames or zip around the lacquered floor on roller skates. They also offer a full bar and several pool tables.

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There's much to love about H Mart.

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