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A Weekend in Snohomish

Snohomish, Washington. It’s a place firmly rooted in the past while looking boldly to the future.

The downtown is so classically Main Street America at first that you might do a double-take. But a closer inspection will reveal a twenty-first-century interpretation and repurposing of heritage architecture. Upcycled and repurposed goods created by craftspeople, artisans, and merchants reinforce the idea of sustainability and quality – refreshingly apropos in an age of planned obsolescence.   

Towering brick edifices stand shoulder-to-shoulder with modern boutiques, bespoke candle shops, and gluten-free bakeries above the winding Snohomish River. There’s easily a weekend of shopping, dining, and recreation to be had here. Let’s explore the best of what this perfectly small town has to offer.

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Day 1


Welcome to Snohomish! Familiarize yourself by strolling down First Street+ and exploring the dozens of boutiques along the small town's main street. Glimpse views of the sparkling Snohomish River. 

Along First Street, artisans sell everything from hand-dipped candles to kitchenware, luxury teas, upcycled clothes, and hand-sewn aprons. Everything is quaint and bespoke and oh-so-Instagrammable. You’ll want to carve out time to hunt for that special something to take back from your trip to this small PNW town.

Roger’s Riverview Bistro - 1011 1st St

What’s good for dinner? Roger’s serves up small, farm-to-table dishes. They really are local, too – that’s not just a buzzword. A seasonal dish might include wild-caught salmon, asparagus from a nearby farm, and a cocktail featuring Snohomish’s own Skip Rock Distillers. Dining al fresco on the back patio is an option.

Do call ahead, as Roger’s, a locally-loved hotspot, can fill up fast during dinner hours.

The riverfront trail

Enjoy a stroll along Snohomish's riverfront trail. The trail runs parallel to the Snohomish River and connects Kla Ha Ya Park, the recently restored Avenue A/Riverfront Gazebo, and Cady Park.

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Day 2

Baked Goods

A morning visit to the local bakery is a uniquely small-town thrill. Step inside the redbrick shop to smell the freshest of leavened pastries and bread, perfectly complimented by a cup of espresso. 

Snohomish Bakery (101 Union Ave) is located just up the street from the Centennial Trail. Get any number of handcrafted pastries to go, and enjoy a morning stroll down the trail or along the river. 

Grain Artisan Bakery (717 1st St) – also just up the street from the Centennial Trail – prides itself on its gluten-free approach to all things baked goods. The white subway tile aesthetic here is just adorable and the eats are so delicious that you’ll want to order a baker’s dozen to share. I mean… you’re going to share those cupcakes, right?


A place that bills itself as The Antique Capital of the Northwest has got the goods to deliver. If you’re into upcycling, vintage finds, or that perfect something to add to the breakfast nook, Snohomish knows what’s up. Whether you’re cruising an antique mall, or window shopping downtown you’re sure to find the furniture, retro clothes, home decor, or collectibles that will speak volumes about your good taste. Carve out a few hours to explore – you can really go deep into the world of antiques in this city.

Craft Alcoholic Beverages

Are you more of a craft spirits person or a craft beer person? In either case, you’re in the right place for the liquid arts. 

Skip Rock Distillers (104 Ave C) is a great place to pick up a bottle of spirits that are distilled on-site at this historic Snohomish brick building (it used to be the firehouse!). Skip Rock is an integral part of local drinks throughout Snohomish – get their signature raspberry liqueur over ice at Roger’s Riverview Bistro.

Spada Farmhouse Brewery (709 1st St) is another converted historic building. It’s got seasonal microbrews on tap in the place that cries out with a hip lumberjack aesthetic – a big nod to Snohomish’s history as a lumber town. This place is quite popular among locals for good reason, so if you’re going with a group be sure to call ahead.

Andy’s Fish House - 1229 1st St

Folks come from around the country to taste the fresh bounty of the Salish Sea. Andy’s Fish House in downtown Snohomish serves up the freshest catch of the day – everything from fish and chips to cod and cedar-smoked salmon. Family-style dining next to the Snohomish River makes for an unforgettable group experience. 

Lord Hill Park

Take an evening jaunt on this 1,300-acre county park. A network of equestrian and mountain bike-friendly paths wind through deciduous forests, up hills, and around ponds where blackbirds sing. This incredibly scenic walking experience is so immersive that you’ll want to bring a GPS or consult the maps posted throughout the trails system – it’s easy to get lost in your surroundings in the foothills of the Cascades. 

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Day 3

Coffee, please

Don’t even think of starting the day without a decent cup of coffee.

Proper Joe Coffeehouse (1101 1st St) is your best bet for on-point, small-batch-roasted espresso. It’s roasted by the owner himself. Perfect.

Looking Glass (801 1st St #201) is more of a sit-down gourmet coffee experience, complete with booths and wingback chairs. It also offers locally-produced retail objects, making it a great place to scoop up a memento to remember your Snohomish trip.

Aerial fun

Do you prefer to leisurely float above farmland or skydive from an airplane at 10,000 feet? In either case, you’re in the right place. Snohomish’s Harvey Airfield is the jumping-off point for these experiences. You’ll want to book a trip in advance. Skydive Snohomish offers introductory classes before you hop aboard a plane. And there are several hot air balloon outfitters to choose from – many of them operating seasonally. 

Christa’s Sandwichboard - 1206 1st St

Who doesn’t like a well-appointed charcuterie platter? A veritable smorgasbord laden with quality cuts of cold meats and cheeses, olives, and capers? Compliment it with a glass of Washington State wine and you’re in business. Christa’s Sandwichboard is the deli of your dreams – perfect for a chill brunch with your buds.

Centennial Trail

This 40-mile bike- and pedestrian-friendly trail starts just outside of downtown Snohomish. It takes recreationists along a smooth, mostly-even paved trail into farmland, woodland, and beyond. You’ll likely not have time to travel its entire length, but even a quick jaunt along the trail will get your blood pumping and clear your head.

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The Centennial Trail takes you there.

Time to explore

Meet Skip Rock Distillers in Snohomish.


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