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Arlington Art Walk Itinerary

With over 35 public art works within 10 blocks, Arlington is a Northwest beacon for admirers of all things aesthetic.

Artistic banners hang from light posts in downtown. Mosaics color retaining walls and murals adorn the sides of buildings. Walk down Olympic Avenue with a friend and take a selfie in front of one of these incredible public offerings.

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Here are some of the highlights that you can expect when you visit the artsy riverside town of Arlington, Washington.


Several murals adorn public spaces – depictions range from cows on the side of the farming co-op to salmon, mills, and kayakers at the park. Arlington artist Harry Engstrom’s iconic work is a photorealistic peek into the local culture of farmland, plants, and river life. 

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Enjoy viewing sculptures by prominent local artists. James Madison, Tulalip master carver, contributes two memorable pieces – “Grandfather” and “Raven Captures the Sun” – to the local art experience. Madison’s pieces pay tribute to the Stillaguamish people who have traditionally fished and ferried across the local river. 

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The Centennial Trail 

The best way to experience art is to combine it with a brisk walk or a bike ride along the Centennial Trail. The route follows an old railroad bed and cuts through downtown Arlington. From a statue of an osprey on the Haller Bridge you walk past murals and sculptures on your way through town. Outdoor recreation and art are perfectly married in the Centennial Trail art walk.

“Drive-by” art

Several artist-made welcome signs are posted at the entrances to Arlington. The five signs at different locations include images of a horse, a deer, a heron, salmon, and a bird of prey. These animals are emblematic of the city itself and the diversity of wildlife that it attracts and sustains.

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Fun For the Whole Family

There are many fun stops along the way for kids, including Lebanon Park, featuring a walkable Labyrinth and Sound Garden with interactive, outdoor musical instruments for kids to play. Download and print the Kids Art Walk Discovery Guide for a fun, interactive activity.

See For Yourself

Feel free to take a self-guided tour of all Arlington art with this downloadable pdf map, or click the map image below to view an interactive map of the Arlington Art Walk, as well as the Centennial Trail. Enjoy!

Arlington Art Walk and Centennial Trail. Click map to view larger.

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