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Baby-friendly Hikes in the Northwest

It can be challenging to stay active after having kids, but the Hike It Baby organization makes it simple to practice fitness and keep the little ones happy, all while outside in the beauty of Seattle NorthCountry.

Hike It Baby is a nonprofit with meetups all over the nation. It is easy to find our local chapter with the convenience of the Facebook group, “Hike It Baby Snohomish.”

There you can view what hikes are lead by whom, where, when, and of what difficulty level. They offer hikes to suit anyone: vigorous hikes that require a baby carrier, paved walking hikes that accommodate strollers, and even toddler-lead hikes that allow preschool age children to set the pace. These kid-friendly excursions are all over the county with popular spots that include hilly Japanese Gulch in Mukilteo, scenic Lowell Riverfront Trailin Everett, and the more urban North Creek Trail in Mill Creek. After joining a hike, you can even start leading hikes that compliment your own location and schedule.

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Hike It Baby’s motto is “Parenthood is an Adventure. Bring it Outside.” Rain or shine, fresh air near water or under a canopy of trees, the elements are essential to child development and provide respite for parents from the daily grind. Parents have an opportunity to make conversation with other adults during the day, and the kiddos get to interact with their peers in a natural setting. The white noise and motion of a hike have a special way of soothing and lulling babies and toddlers into a peaceful state, too.

Let nature do the work for you while you get a chance to work-out. Exercise, social interaction, outdoor recreation—it’s a win-win-win for the whole family.

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