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Best Places to Spot a Ghost (And what to order when you go)

October is made for ghosthunting & cozy dining. Our neck of the woods may have what you're looking for... or what's looking for you...

Oxford Saloon - Snohomish

This saloon has been operating since the late 1800s. The upstairs of this building was once a bordello. Locals say that up to three ghosts populate this Victorian building, one of which is supposed to be the victim of a fatal stabbing that happened at the Oxford Saloon in the frontier days of Snohomish. this ghost ears a bowler hat and has a mustache. 

If you go toThe Oxford, expect blues rock and beer on draft. As far as dining goes, you may want to pop down the street to Roger's Riverview Bistro, where the from-scratch local dining is worth the wait. 

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The Cabbage Patch Restaurant - Snohomish

This old house-turned-restaurant has a creepy vibe. You feel it when you walk in the door... it's a building that stands outside of time. 

The ghost here is named Sybill. She was a resident who once fell down the stairs. It was a fatal fall. Restaurant workers say that she still walks up and down the creaky stairs. Sometimes visitors also glimpse the ghost of the girl's uncle, who allegedly was the one to push her down the stairs. Spooky.

But the homemade pie! You have to try it. Made from scratch daily!

The barn from “The Ring” - Monroe

You know that 2002 movie that features the girl who comes out of the TV to freak people out? That was shot in our backyard! The barn from "The Ring" is in rural Monroe. It's a private residence, so be tactful if you stop by to pay homage.  

While in Monroe, stop for pizza and a beer at nearby Timber Monster in Sultan.

Laura Palmer's House ("Twin Peaks") - Everett

Speaking of private residences and screen-famous residences, you might want to check out Laura Palmer's Dutch Colonial house from the "Twin Peaks" TV series. It's in the Port Gardner Neighborhood of Everett. A simple Google search will show you the location. Again: please respect the residents. They're generally cool with photos, just stay off the lawn.

And if you see any couch-hopping demons, please run! And then choose your own cozy dining adventure in Everett.

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Downtown Everett

The old YMCA

The old YMCA is home to a ghost named George. He lives in a place that staff call "ghost town": the long-abandoned old dormitories upstairs.

The old Y is now closed (there's a new building further south) and its boarded-up exterior lends to the building's creepy vibe.

If you stop on a rainy street corner on a gloomy day and gaze up at the old brick façade, you may see George looking back at you.

After peeping for ghosts, be sure to stop by Narrative Coffee the for a spooooky, haunted latte (ok, it’s just a regular pumpkin spice latte, but it’s fantastically delicious).

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Images in this article come courtesy of LivetheSnocoLife, the Live in Everett blog, and DreamWorks Pictures.

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