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Escape to Snohomish County's Winter Wonderland

Snohomish County's mountains and foothills transform into a captivating Winter Wonderland as the cold season unfolds. From sipping hot chocolate at Moe's Coffee to snuggling up in AirBnB rental cabins with crackling fires, and embarking on snowshoeing adventures in Darrington, there's a world of mountain valley enchantment to explore.

Here’s a winter itinerary that you just can’t miss. 

Savor the Moment at Moe's Coffee in Arlington or Darrington 

Begin your winter journey at Moe's Coffee, a small chain of locally-owned boho-chic coffee shops. Here, a comforting cup of hot chocolate or a steaming hot latte await, accompanied by views of charming downtown Arlington or snowcapped Whitehorse Mountain in Darrington. Take your coffee to go on your foray into the winter woods -- the aroma of pine needles and rich cocoa blend in a moment of delight. 


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Cozy Fireside Retreats 

After your hot chocolate, retreat to one of the many cozy AirBnB cabins that dot the river valleys of the Cascade foothills. These cabins offer welcome respite from the winter chill, complete with crackling fires and steaming outdoor hot tubs. Imagine yourself wrapped in a blanket, sipping tea, and gazing through frosty windows at falling snow—an idyllic PNW winter scene. Perfect. 

Snowshoeing Adventures in Darrington 

For the adventurous, Darrington is a snowshoeing paradise. Strap on your snowshoes and explore the pristine wilderness, where silence reigns, broken only by the crunch of snow beneath your feet and the whisper of the wind through towering trees. 

Find the best Darrington snowshoe trails here. 

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Discover Charming Bookstores 

When it's time to warm both body and mind, visit Upper Case Books in Snohomish, Third Street Books in Marysville, and/or Main Street Books in Monroe. Collect them all! These independent bookstores offer refuge from the cold and a trove of literary treasures. As you browse, immerse yourself in captivating stories amid the comforting scent of old books... there’s nothing like it. 

Scenic Hikes at Robe Canyon and Lime Kiln Trail 

Complete your Winter Wonderland experience with leisurely hikes on Robe Canyon and Lime Kiln Trail. These paths, suitable for most skill levels, promise scenic views of snow-covered landscapes, roaring rivers, and wintery wilderness. Enjoy the serenity of the woods, occasionally punctuated by the songs of birds and the soft crunch of footsteps in the snow. 

Winter in Snohomish County offers a wonder-inducing journey. From the fresh scent of Douglas Fir to the crackling warmth of cabin fires, each moment celebrates the beauty of the season. Pack your warmest layers, your favorite books, and your spirit of adventure to embrace the enchanting Winter Wonderland of the Pacific Northwest. Your winter escape begins here, where every snowflake and cozy cabin brings the magic of the season to life. 

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