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Everett’s Secret Beach: Jetty Island

If you’re looking for a classic beach getaway, you don’t have to travel down to the California coast or fly to Hawaii to enjoy a warm, sandy beach in the summertime.

Introducing Everett, Washington’s hidden gem:

Jetty Island


Parking in the spacious lot is $3 per car via a machine, and is good for a day’s worth of parking.

Free Ferry Ride

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The charm of Jetty Island starts with a free, one minute ferry from the Port of Everett.

Next, it’s time to board the ferry. Plan ahead and make a reservation (which is also free to do) on the Port of Everett’s website --> CLICK HERE. Tickets go on sale starting May 1.

When you board or land, there are donation boxes ready for you to drop a few bucks in. Jetty Island is also a nature reserve, so donations help upkeep the beach and volunteer programs.

Beach Arrival

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If you’re looking for a true PNW ferry experience, you might be disappointed here. Blink once and you’ve already arrived at your destination. But that’s not the point of Jetty Island. What you’re really looking forward to is this warm water beach everyone is whispering about.

Once you’ve landed on the shores of Jetty, you will understand why city residents love to keep this place a secret. Follow the sandy trail to a two mile beach filled with tiny seashells, evening kiteboarders, soft sand perfect for sand castles, seagulls and most importantly warm water.

Jetty Island Day

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Take a hike around the wilderness in the center, or set up your lawn chairs and umbrella to watch the kiddos dig the deepest hole on the beach uninterrupted by the ebb and flow of the tide. Add a can of La Croix and some light snacks, and you’ve got a beach trip no one will believe.

Make it a Weekend

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Soft sand? Warm water? Ocean views? That can’t be in Everett, can it?

Find more information about Jetty Island and ferry schedules on the Port of Everett.

Make it a mini beach vacation. For information on nearby lodging, visit our Where To Stay page.

Anna Tatistcheff

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