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Everett’s Summit Climbing Gym Offers Off-Season Training, Workouts for Climbers

Belay on!

Climbing is always a good idea in this corner of the country. In Seattle NorthCountry we have easy access to the Central and North Cascade mountains, as well as all the scree, boulders, cliffs, ledges, and rock fields that come with the territory.

Also: it rains here in the Pacific Northwest. A lot.

But you knew that. So, if you’re visiting the area and it’s raining, but you still want to get some climbing in or stay in shape, consider the Summit Everett climbing gym in downtown Everett, Washington.

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Summit teaches the basics of climbing, offering classes like an intro to climbing class, an indoor lead climbing class and an intro to movement class. Get these basics under your belt and they throw in a two-week all-access pass for unlimited climbing.

Go from amateur to confident rock-scrambler in a weekend or so, all while climbing indoors in a controlled environment.

To get all the details, be sure to visit the Summit website before you go.

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Here are your best bets for climbing, pending good weather (It’s worth considering that “good weather” here is relative when considering any outdoor recreational activity).

We also recommend this guide book. Written by experts, it’s your absolute best guide to bouldering and climbing, yes, the Index Town Wall, but also just about anywhere you’d want to visit in our neck of the woods.

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