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Everett’s Top 5 Coffee Shops, Ranked

Everett, WA punches above its weight when it comes to delicious coffee. Though it’s the seventh biggest city in Washinton State, this working-class mill town offers a remarkable concentration of culture. The local coffee scene is evidence that this city by the bay has it going on.

Here’s our take on the best coffee shops in the city, and why. But really – there is no wrong answer when it comes to getting a sip of drip in the True Northwest. 

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5. Loft Coffee  

In a cavernous old brick building right on Hewitt Street in Downtown Everett is a place to get the goods. There’s the conventional coffee classics, but then there are unexpected delights. Consider the “chagacchino” -- a sweet and delicious coffee-based beverage infused with chaga mushrooms and sweetened with no-calorie monkfruit. Bet you weren’t expecting that. The all-time best summer beverage is their cold-brew nitro coffee on tap. Cheers to that. 

-Outdoor seating 

-Healthy food options 

4. Narrative Coffee 

This coffee shop looks like it was made by and for Instagram. Exposed brick walls, lots of natural light, pour-over coffee, state-of-the-art espresso machines... it’s easy to see why Narrative has a cult-like following since it evolved from a pop-up coffee stand several years ago. Locals swear by the from-scratch brunch, but we keep going back for the single-origin coffee. If hipness is a must-have dealbreaker, it’s gotta be Narrative. 

-Outdoor seating 

-Natural light 

-Single-origin coffee for sale 

Narrative's legendary brunch.

3. Café Makario 

If you’re not looking for it, you won’t see Café Makario. And that’s a shame. This small coffee shop has one employee/owner and he roasts the coffee himself. Makario specializes in Dutch-style coffee (a complex method of cold brewing) as well as exotic latte flavors that you may not expect – think black sesame, Nutella, or taro root. There’s also handmade pastries. Café Makario – if you know, you know. And you probably should know. 

-Cozy atmosphere 

-Small batch-roasted, high-quality coffee 

2. Nadine’s Coffee

Speaking of small and out-of-the-way, Nadine’s is tucked into an alley behind a barber shop on Wetmore Avenue. Step down a small flight of stairs into a somehow small but weirdly spacious (?) coffee shop. This place is dog-friendly and has the classiest of minimal vintage décor. It’s understated in a way that warrants attention, because it’s clear here that the craft of making good, no-nonsense coffee is of the highest priority. Nadine’s is famous for their mocktails. If you can find them you’ll want to remember how you got there so that you can return again and again. 

-Great service 


-Get a haircut while you’re at it? 

Nadine's mocktails.

1. Kraken Coffee 

Say the words “Kraken Coffee” to an Everett native and, honestly? -- you may get a blank stare. This is the coffee-lover's coffee shop. Located in an inconspicuous strip mall in very South Everett, Kraken is an in-house roaster of the finest beans. This is where we once encountered the single best latte we’ve ever had – no hyperbole. The owners are very humble people, but to much marketing would likely spoil this place that’s better known by those in the know. 

-Rotating single-origin coffee, roasted in-house 

-Great quality for the price 

-How about these ceramic cups? 

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