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Everything Edmonds - Top Attractions in a Shoreline City

Edmonds, Washington is only a stone’s throw from Seattle. And, like Seattle, it offers a generous, walkable waterfront and a breadth and depth of cultural arts. The scope of creativity in Edmonds, the depth of it, seems outsized considering the relatively small dimensions of this seaside town. There’s a lot going on here!

Explore the waterfront (or even dive into the Salish Sea), walk the adorable downtown, and immerse yourself in the first Creative District in Washington State. Edmonds has much to offer.

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The Downtown/Edmonds Waterfront Experience

The Edmonds ferry terminal is the place to behold (or better yet, ride) one of the famous Washington State ferries. Watch the large ships chug to and fro from Kingston across Puget Sound. Board on foot or drive aboard. Just be careful – if you’re caught in ferry traffic at the wrong time you could be sitting for a minute.

The Edmonds Underwater Park is for experienced divers. Founded in 1970, it’s an underwater park and wildlife sanctuary, dedicated to helping the public to identify underwater species and learn about conservation. Classes and guided tours are available, but otherwise bring your own drysuit and gear.

Anyone can enjoy a stroll along the marina with all of the attendant views of the Olympic Mountains. The boardwalk takes you from a jetty to Marina Beach Park, past restaurants, the public art, and restaurants. Sit on the driftwood and take in the view at Marina Beach, or treat your pup to their off-leash dog park. Drop a line at the jetty and see what you can catch. 

Make a day of it by venturing nearby for coffee and a bite to eat. Nearby Top Pot Donuts features delicious espresso beverages. Chantrelle swerves up classic diner fare with fresh ingredients. Or walk into town for a pint at Salish Sea Brewing Co

Right up from the marina is the Cascadia Art Museum, which features a wide collection of fine locally-produced art that spans over a century and touches on several artistic traditions. This place is well worth the price of admission, for inspiration and centering after a stroll along the sea.

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 A Destination For Cultural Arts

Art is, quite simply, in the DNA of Edmonds. It seems that everyone you meet here is a sculptor, a muralist, or just returning from a trip to the kiln. Artists living in close proximity inspire one another and create a culture of originality that is palpable. So it’s probably no surprise that Edmonds has the first Creative District in Washington State.  

The Edmonds Center for the Arts attracts local, national, and international performing arts. Dance, music, and film artists bring crowds of aesthetes to savor the finer things of life.

The city hosts several events and happenings throughout the year, most notably the Edmonds Art Festival and the Taste of Edmonds. Be sure to check out the full events calendar before arriving for your visit – you’re likely to encounter some live manifestation of the creative spirit of Edmonds. 

Art stores and bookstores are easy to find. It’s up to you – what’s your pleasure? Peruse, paint, and get your hands on the creative process at any of these top-tier artistic destinations.

-ARTspot Edmonds

-Gallery North

-Driftwood Modern

-Aria Studio Gallery

-Cole Gallery & Art Studio

-Edmonds Bookshop

-Neverending Bookshop

One simply needs to walk around downtown to encounter several murals. From modern expressionism to sentimental landscapes in alleys, splashes of public color abound in the streets. It’s inspiring to walk through a landscape of painting! Was there ever such a selfie-friendly city? 

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