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Five Haunted Places to Visit this Halloween Season

In the mood for a good scare? Here are five places to find one.

Monte Cristo Ghost Town

The Monte Cristo Ghost Town is a spooky place—not only did a flooding disaster strike this mountain area while miners were searching for raw ore, but attempts later in the century to turn the town into a tourist trap were also fraught with chaos. Marketing the trail as a hike was the third attempt to attract people and it finally worked, since the trail into Monte Cristo is quite beautiful. Just don’t idle for too long after dark or you may hear the cries of gurgling ghost miners.

Thomas Farms

9010 Marsh Rd, Snohomish, WA

For a more family-friendly scare, Thomas Farms has you covered. Nothing terrifies people more then the undead. No one understands the darkness and fear of zombies more than Thomas Farms. This Snohomish establishment has put together a nationally recognized trail of terror that, during the fall season, brings families and friends together to fend off shambling undead hordes in Zombie Paintball. Thomas Farms also hosts the “Flashlight Treasure Hunt” Corn Maze and the “Nightmare on 9” Haunted House, making this farm the spookiest of the season.

The Bush House Inn

308 5th St, Index, WA

The Bush House Inn is a historic building located near river rafting and hiking. The building dates back to the days of early mining camps. One particular room in the house continues to intrigue visitors interested in something more grim. According to legend a young woman residing in the house hanged herself after hearing of her lover's death. The story was untrue, and when her lover returned and discovered her body, he ended his life out of grief. Room 9 is believed to be the location of this tragic tale, and it is said that a ghost still haunts the inn as renovations continue.

The Oxford Saloon

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Still a popular watering hole, the Oxford Saloon is considered one of the most haunted places in Washington State. Locals will tell you that upwards of ten people have died in this Snohomish saloon, at least two of them murdered—including a police officer and a madam. Those using the ladies room should be especially wary - many have reported being pinched. See ghostly photos and read more creepy tales on their website.

913 First Street, Snohomish, WA

The Stanwood Motel

26926 102nd Ave NW, Stanwood, WA

Stanwood is already a must-see destination for those wanting to experience the area’s natural beauty and outdoor recreation opportunities, but those interested in studying the paranormal should be interested too—in the spirits that linger between dimensions at the Stanwood Saloon and Motel.

Employees and patrons alike have witnessed the apparition of a woman wearing period clothing. Those who have seen or felt her presence agree that she is someone overseeing or protecting the premises. Although somewhat of a skeptic herself, the current owner and manager Marilyn Guthrie has experienced firsthand accounts of paranormal activity.

See the horror for yourself and order libations in the downstairs saloon, which has its own share of characters, though none are apparitions. The hotel is newly renovated, and is now accepting reservations if you dare.

Wade T. Oberlin
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