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Five Summer Hikes in Seattle NorthCountry

​When hiking in North of Seattle during the summer, most trails are perfectly fine for days in the wilderness.

But you don’t want perfectly fine. You want hidden pathways to green treasures and solitude amongst the northern flickers.

Here are five hikes in Snohomish County that will fill your need for fresh air and exercise, as well as recommendations from award winning author and hiking master Craig Romano. For more great hiking experiences take a look at Craig's Hikeoftheweek.com.

1. Japanese Gulch | Mukilteo, WA

Length: 4 miles one way

Passes Needed: none

Highlights: The trailhead is located near the entrance of Trails and Tails Dog Park. Clip your dog’s lead back on and become immersed in the sounds and sights of wild critters. The trail offers a heavily-shaded walk on sunny days, and most of these paths have loose gravel that will be kind to your dog’s paws. Just watch out for the wild deer.

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2. Craig Romano Pick: Lord Hill | Snohomish, WA

Length: 10 miles roundtrip

Passes Needed: none

Highlights: This is a trail for hikers of all skill levels. Choose your own adventure with a variety of routes to choose from, some paths taking all-day while others only a few hours. It’s the largest county park with lots of birds from the surrounding marshland; definitely a place for bird lovers.

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3. Tonga Ridge | Skykomish, WA

Length: 8 miles roundtrip

Passes Needed: none

Highlights: Known for its hungry traffic of fall berry-pickers, this easy trail offers views overlooking the valley surrounded by wildflowers. If you have a curious spirit and like to know what floral greenery you’re spying, bring along a wild flower guide book so you can recount your trip to friends like a legit botanist.

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4. Craig Romano Pick: Mount Dickerman | East of Granite Falls, North of Index and Sultan

Length: 8.2 miles roundtrip

Passes: Northwest Forest Pass

Highlights: If you’re hiking for views, this is the hike you are looking for. This trek will satisfy wild blueberry lovers in the late summer and early fall and is delightfully covered in snow in the winter. After you've had your fill of berries, then you'll wind through radiant hemlock groves and heather meadows. Get to the parking lot early on sunny days, because this mountain top is a popular hike for those willing to go the distance.

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5. Green Mountain | Darrington, WA

Length: 8.5 miles roundtrip

Passes Needed: none

Highlights: Looking for life affirming views? The 360 degree unobstructed views delivered from the perch of the Green Mountain Lookout is testimony enough. The reconstructed lookout dates back to the 30's and is still used by the US Forest Service today. The four mile journey before, through lush wildflower meadows and the ever present Glacier Peak aids the overall wonderment of the trip. This popular hike is best done on a weekday to ensure you can spend time along the trail in peace.

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Anna Tatistcheff
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