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"Flying Heritage" Museum Reopens, Brings Historic Firepower to Everett

The Flying Heritage Combat Armor Museum has been dormant since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. No more!

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This Memorial Day Weekend the FHCAM reopens in in the heart of the Aviation District. Doors open on May 27th. 

Experience a large collection of vintage fighting craft in spacious, clean and bright airplane hangars. The FHCAM collection specializes in vehicles, uniforms, and other war artifacts especially from WWII but also dating back to the Vietnam and Korean wars. 

Their combat armor vehicles and planes from around the globe are carefully curated and meticulously preserved in pristine condition by passionate volunteers, down to the decals on the bomb bay doors. No detail is too small.

Visit an interactive exhibit called “Why War?” in which you’ll explore the historical context of famous wars and the moral complexities of combat, and view replicas of atomic bombs. 

There are also can’t-miss exhibits about the important roles that women played during World War II, animals in combat, and a cross section of a bisected tank that you can walk through (yes, you can!). 

On the way out, be sure to visit the gift shop to score bomber jackets, compelling history books, and Rosie the Riveter swag. 

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