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Glory Bucha Brings “Culture” to Outdoor Rec

Grab a growler at this Arlington kombucha brewery before heading out for the weekend.

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Glory Bucha is lovingly brewed in small batches in downtown Arlington, right off of Highway 9 at the very beginning of the Mountain Loop Highway.

The brewery is brightly-colored and immaculately tidy. All of the kombucha is made in house, and you can get it on draft: cold and fresh from the tap, as only a taphouse can serve it. They offer glasses and growlers, as well as bail-top bottles to go.

How it got started

Glory Bucha began as a home operation. Founder/Brewmaster Lowell Profit started selling kombucha at the local gym during sporting events. As public demand increased, he kept scaling up. Finally, he opened a spot in an Arlington storefront where he could refine and pour his in-demand brews.

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What is kombucha?

In case you missed it, Kombucha is a lightly fermented tea. It’s low in sugar and full of gut-healthy probiotics. People have been drinking it for thousands of years and attribute many health claims to its invigorating properties. What’s for sure is that, if you’re searching for a lower-calorie, lower-sugar beverage option (as opposed to, say, soda or alcohol) kombucha is a good, and darn tasty, option.

Inventive flavors

Glory Bucha has been developing their signature recipes since they started brewing. In addition to tried-and-true classics, Glory Bucha also brews up new flavors like strawberry blonde, orange and ginger, apple pie, pineapple, and mojito.

You can also order “taster flights,” or four small samples—a great way to mix and match flavors or share the experience with a friend.

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Visit Glory Bucha to grab a growler before you head up for a weekend on the Mountain Loop Highway or go rafting down the Sauk and Suiattle Rivers with Arlington-based Adventure Cascades. Or tank up for a weekend at Summer Meltdown or the Bluegrass Festival in Darrington.

Your gut will thank you.


116 E 5th St, Arlington, WA 98223
(360) 363-4174

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