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Yes, goat yoga is a thing and you need to do it

Forget downward dog: goat yoga is exactly what it sounds like, and it’s surprisingly cool.

It makes for a great photo op on social media and works as a fail-proof conversation starter.

Wobbly Ranch in rural Snohomish, Washington, opened for yoga business just two years ago, but the small farm is quickly becoming a national and international hot spot for novel recreation. People travel to Wobbly Ranch from Europe to do yoga with goats— including, recently, Russian reality televisions stars complete with camera crew.

One regular yogi lives in California and flies in monthly to get her stretch on.

The animals at Wobbly Ranch are all rescues, saved from slaughterhouses or other traumatic situations. Amanda Leone, owner of Wobbly Ranch, gives the rescued goats a good life. Her pets frolic around pastures and leap on top of yoga students, using the stretching people as tables (participants report that this feels like a deep-tissue massage). Surprisingly playful and intelligent, the goats are not unlike puppies who want to jump up on you to say hello.

As an added fitness bonus, a Boer goat on your back is great weight resistance while you’re planking.

goat standing on womans back while she does yoga

Goat yoga is a win-win. Human participants get the health benefits of stretching and breathing, while also benefiting from animal therapy, and the goats get human socialization. Since the class is for beginners and goes at a leisurely pace, anyone can goat yoga.

Fees from the goat yoga classes help keep the goat sanctuary a safe place for rescued kids.

See for yourself what the hype is about.

Goat yoga at Wobbly Ranch
Info here | Book it here

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