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Ride High With Hot Air Balloons in Snohomish

Imagine floating effortlessly between the Cascade and Olympic mountains. Snohomish is the place for hot air balloon adventures.

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Imagine floating effortlessly between the Cascade and Olympic mountains, over fields of green, coniferous trees, a cobalt-colored winding river. This can be your reality on a spellbinding hot air balloon ride in Seattle NorthCountry’s own City of Snohomish. Brilliantly colorful and nine stories high, these hot air balloons accommodate up to eight guests, at sunrise or sunset.

Weather permitting these tours are available seven days a week, from May 15th to September 30th. Sunrise tours are $215, and sunset tours are $240. For 45 to 90 minutes, travel graciously over the unparalleled Snohomish Valley in one-of-a-kind style. Almost as in a dream, you can float over fertile farmland high enough to see Seattle and Vancouver. Whether you’re wanting to create a romantic experience, celebrate a special occasion, or simply seeking out a summertime thrill, a hot air balloon ride is distinctively unforgettable.

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In the busy society in which we live, transportation has become faster and easier than ever before. By the touch of a button, you can order a cab to your desired location within minutes. By 2023, Snohomish NorthCountry will have a Light Rail system. In this efficiently ever-changing world, let us not forget the beauty of travel, and that transportation itself can be the destination.

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