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How Funko Is Winning Fans All Over the World

A glittering neon sign dazzles the block on the corner of Wetmore and California in Downtown Everett.

The retro lettering reads “Funko.” Above you, like modern gargoyles, proudly stand a line of tall, recognizable friends. There are statues of Batman and Batgirl, Spider-Man, Harry Potter, Chewbacca and more. In front of the doors, down the street, and around the block is a long line of so-called “Funatics.”

To step inside is to understand the excitement. Enter the magic of an indoor amusement park.

There are differently-themed sections with something for everyone: anime, DC Comics, Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter. There is even a room called The Wetmore Forest that is decorated in mythical woodland creatures, and a wing on the opposite side of the building that looks like a factory assembly line where anyone can design and build their own Funko Pop.

Available in almost every imaginable character, Funko Pops — palm-sized vinyl figurines with oversized heads and large eyes — are boxed and stacked up the walls of the flagship store in every direction.

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Funko was originally founded as a bobblehead company 20 years ago, and though Funko Pops are the main retail draw at just $10 each, there is other collectable merchandise on display. Action figures, Loungefly backpacks and handbags, stuffed plushies, apparel, and other accessories are all available, too. Because Funko has signed licensing deals with almost every television and pop culture franchise thinkable, you will find yourself wanting to take your favorite piece home with you.

While you’re visiting this multi-million dollar international attraction, stay long enough to dine and find lodging in the coastal community of Everett. Stay just blocks from Funko, at the new Courtyard by Marriott (3003 Colby Avenue) in the heart of the walkable downtown. Enjoy the twinkling courtyard and peekaboo views of the Salish Sea. Down the street, eat an Italian-inspired lunch or dinner at classy Olives + Capers (2933 Colby Avenue). Linger over or grab a cup of gourmet coffee at award-winning Narrative Coffee (2927 Wetmore Avenue).

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Funko and their Funko Pops are now as synonymous with pop culture as the iconic figures they represent. See for yourself why Funko rightfully has a cult-following of “Funatics;” why proud nerds, young families, and excited visitors are all geeking out over the American sensation that’s here to stay.

Funko Flagship Store

2802 Wetmore Ave, Everett, WA 98201

header image curtesy of Cascade Loop Association

Christa Porter
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