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Inspired and Unexpected: Community Orchestras are Music to your Ears

Music is more than just entertainment. Music enriches the spirit and brings people together in times of celebration and sadness.

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Music is more than just entertainment. Music enriches the spirit and brings people together in times of celebration and sadness. For travelers looking to feel connected to the community they’re visiting, getting out of the hotel to listen to local musicians is a perfect opportunity.

Seattle NorthCountry is lucky to have some of the finest community orchestras around, bringing heavenly ensemble music to local venues. Concerts are fewer and farther between for these largely volunteer run ensembles, but if you’re fortunate enough to be in town for one, you’ll enjoy a uniquely lovely experience presented by musicians who play for the sheer love of making and sharing beautiful music with the world.


The Cascade Symphony Orchestra has performed regular concerts in the popular seaside town of Edmonds since 1962. Their committed musicians volunteer over 100 hours each over the course of a concert season, all to deliver a moving, inspiring experience for each audience.


The Evergreen Community Orchestra is made up of musicians from all backgrounds who come together to share the benefits of music with the community. Their concerts are free to all and often include modern, engaging compositions that might surprise you.

The Pacifica Chamber Orchestra is on a mission to enrich the community with exceptional chamber music. Concerts are performed by a smaller group of seasoned musicians dedicated to their craft. Supporting their concerts also helps to support their outreach program, bringing modern classical music into local schools.

The Everett Philharmonic Orchestra believes in the power of music to uplift communities. The orchestra is made up of musicians from many different professional backgrounds, united by their passion for performing symphonic music. Lucky travelers might catch one of their performances at the Everett Civic Auditorium.

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The Monroe Community Band was established with a dozen members and a $125 donation from the Monroe Arts Council. Today, approximately 50 members from across Seattle Northcountry meet regularly to support each other and the surrounding communities with the gift of musical performance. Their concerts are free and held at the Wagner Performing Arts Center in Monroe.


The Mukilteo Community Orchestra was founded as a chamber orchestra in 1997. Today, the orchestra has around 50 members, including full strings, wind, brass and percussion. These talented, volunteer musicians play three free classical concerts in a season, along with other community events.

Community orchestras offer more than just an evening’s entertainment; they are musical ambassadors to the communities they serve. They bring down to earth, a style and presentation of music that often seems just out of reach. No tuxedos or opera-glasses required for these unique, cultural community events.

Krista Quinby

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