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International Dining in Lynnwood

Locals say that the city of Lynnwood, just north of Seattle, has more international dining options than the International District in Seattle.

Though hard to quantify, it’s easy to see that this claim may have some merit. Walk or drive anywhere in Lynnwood and you’ll find delicious flavors that transport diners outside the conventional limits of traditional American cuisine. 

Prep your taste buds and get ready to explore the best authentic food experiences in Lynnwood, Wa.

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Seoul Hot Dog - 18415 33rd Ave W

Want to explore a different side of standard ol’ Hot Dog Town? Try Seoul Hot Dog, where the dogs come battered and fried on a stick. You can go with a classic Korean-style sausage or mix it up with rice cake filling and dip it in a savory gochujang sauce. Add in some crispy French fries and you’ll have a flavor explosion that feels like a classic American meal turned on its head.

Lasa Sandwiches and Pearls - 18009 Hwy 99 C

Traditional Filipino sandwiches and brightly-colored boba tea are what’s in store at Lasa Sandwiches and Pearls. Try a scrambled chive egg and pork patty on a brioche bun – all of it drizzled in roasted jalapeno sauce. Amazing! This is the sort of place that only locals would probably know: tucked into a small strip mall on Highway 99. Don't miss out on this hidden flavor gem.

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Best Tofu House - 3301 184th St SW

Behold: hot-stone bibimbap done right. This small local chain began in 1996 as a way to spread the joy of soya protein in all its delicious incarnations. At Best Tofu House, bulgogi beef and Korean tofu are prepared in over a dozen ways. The Tofu House is the spot for authentic international flavor, right in the middle of Lynnwood.

Hawaiian Restaurants

Say aloha to delicious Hawaiian cuisine!  

Kona Kitchen - 3805 196th St SW - is a tasty reminder that Hawaiian food is influenced by a pan-Pacific range of ingredients and flavors. Burgers are the mainstay, and the Kona Kitchen offers proof that edamame and spam can live harmoniously on a plate. Don’t miss the authentic Kona coffee on tap here.

Bobby’s Hawaiian Style Restaurant - 14626 Hwy 99 #101 - serves up a wide variety of pupus (appetizers), fresh seafood, grilled delights, and fresh Hawaiian juices. This is the family-friendly comfort food of Hawaii, brought to the Pacific Northwest. Easy for dine-in or to-go orders.

The Bantaba/Pho 36 Combo - 19417 36th Ave W

Bantaba African Restaurant is where you can feast on super kanja, plasas, back eyed peas salad, and peanut butter beef. This place is truly a flavorful trip. And it's literally next door to Pho 36, where you can (and should!) pick up a hot bowl of noodle soup or a crispy banh mi to go. Experience the flavors of two continents side by side. Incredible. 

Or if you’re up for the triple-header, across the parking lot lies El Rinconsito Mexican restaurant. Choose your own adventure!

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Baekjeong BBQ - Alderwood - 3000 184th St SW Suite #922

“Baekjong” is the Korean word for “butcher” and it refers to the restaurant’s commitment to selecting only the finest of meats. As a customer, you can cook your own thinly sliced beef brisket, boneless short rib, pork belly, or marinated pork steak to savory, saucy perfection with the help of the staff. While a chain, the Alderwood location is the first outside of LA and NY and has a huge following. Get some kbbq – your taste buds won’t regret it!

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