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Jetty Island Days, Jetty Island Craze

A two-mile man-made island off the coast of urban Washington offers warm, sandy beaches.

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Located just a short ferry ride away from the Port of Everett, with full sun, high reeds, and a white sandy beach, man-made Jetty Island will have you feeling like you’ve been transported to another climate.

Plan for an unbeatable day on the island. Pack yourself food and water, sunscreen, sunglasses, towels, sand toys, and beach umbrellas. Pack in and pack out. Due to the sandy terrain, strollers and other equipment with wheels are not advisable. Throw a frisbee or play some volleyball, read a book or wade through the water. Kiddos will love building sand castles or exploring the beach for wildlife. Make the day what you want it because for summertime recreation or relaxation, Jetty Island on the Salish Sea is the place to be.

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To get there, the Jetty Island Ferry is a free service that runs every year from July 5th to September 2nd, seven days a week. Just call the reservation line two days in advance to hold your place and be ready to board the ferry fifteen minutes before departure. The open-air ferry will do the rest for you.

After a long day in the sun, fill up and cool down at your restaurant of choice right there on the Everett Marina. There is something for everyone: high-class cocktails at Bluewater Organic Distilling, views of the water over fine seafood dining at Anthony’s Home Port, or Anthony’s Woodfire Grill, and family-friendly dining and locally crafted beer at Scuttlebutt Brewing. Are you from out of town? There’s no rushing that island life--you can stay overnight at The Marriott Courtyard, just minutes from the port in Downtown Everett.

Whether you’re local or far, Jetty Island is a true Pacific Northwest treasure worth savoring every summer. You won’t want to miss this season’s chance to make a splash.

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