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Made Fresh in Seattle NorthCountry

Get a true taste of Seattle NorthCountry by seeking out edible treasures brewed, baked, and grown right here.

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Get a true taste of Seattle NorthCountry by seeking out edible treasures made right here. Spring through Fall, ask about the nearest Farmer’s Market for a DIY buffet of local deliciousness. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, head out to the many local farms and fruit-stands to curate a farm-to-table feast of your own.

The Best Bakeries in Town

Whether you’re craving a nice, dark rye bread or that first, flaky bite of a butter croissant, our master bakers have you covered.

In Lynnwood, Rila Bakery (7600 196th St SW) offers an Asian twist on French baking. Their croissants are as perfect as any you would find in Paris.

In Everett, Choux-Choux Bakery (2900 Grand Ave) serves up savories and sweets with love. Fans of macarons and exceptionally pretty cakes will not want to miss this picturesque spot.

Also in Everett, Panaderia La Gloria (2120 Broadway Ave, Ste A) is a hidden gem right on Broadway. There is a reason this authentic Mexican bakery gets a solid 5 star review from everyone who stumbles upon it. One of the best Tres Leches cakes you’ll ever taste is made in Seattle Northcountry.

In Snohomish, the aptly named Snohomish PieSnohomish Pie CompanyCompany (915 1st St) is another cult favorite. There is something delightfully indulgent about enjoying a perfect slice of pie with a hot cup of coffee while gazing out at the Snohomish River.

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All Things Good and Green

Seattle NorthCountry takes pride in its every shade of green, from the palest apple to the darkest kale. If you’re in the mood for some freshly picked fruits, veggies, and berries, State Rd 530 offers a beautiful drive flanked with farm stands and u-pick farms on the way to some excellent day hikes.

During berry season, you’d be remiss not to stop at Biringer Farms (21412 59th Ave NE) in Arlington. There is nothing quite so sweet as a sun-warmed strawberry fresh off the field.

Also in Arlington, Garden Treasures Nursery and Organic Farm (3328 WA-530) offers a broader selection of u-pick greenhouse goodness from May to October.

A little further down the road in Oso, Fruitful Farm (21308 State Rte 530 NE) is a small family farm and summer roadside fruit stand. You’ll want to bring home one of their hand-built hanging baskets, awash with the vibrant colors of spring and summer.

Meat Lovers Rejoice, Vegans Avert Your Eyes

Stoffel Farm (20610 6th Ave NW) in Arlington is putting out some of the best pork you’ll ever have. Small wonder, after three generations of dedication to this family farm. You can find their packaged pork products at a few different farmer’s markets. The pork raspberry chipotle links are worth seeking out.

Double D Meats (5602 232nd St SW) is a family owned market at the heart of Mountlake Terrace, around 15 miles north of Seattle. They are committed to only carrying 100% natural meats, including wild game and more exotic finds, but they also have a vast selection of sauces, rubs, and marinades.

In Monroe, you’ll find St. John Creamery(28408 Fern Bluff Rd), a farm filled with happy goats grazing on grass. Call ahead if you’d like to tour the farm and meet the Oberhasli goats (and dogs and chickens), or just pop into one of the specialty groceries listed on their website to taste their raw goat milk and farmstead cheese.

Whether it’s the farm or just the table you’re after, there’s no shortage of gastronomic delights to be discovered in Seattle NorthCountry.

Krista Quinby

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