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Meet Moe's Coffee in Arlington and Beyond

There's a place to get a solid cup of steaming-hot brew before or after your perfect Northwest hike. It's cozy and chic and the coffee invites you to linger and chat. Meet Moe's.

Discover the charm of Moe's Coffee, a bohemian cafe with a touch of elegance and a dash of local flair. With four inviting locations, including three in Arlington, WA, and one in Darrington, WA, Moe's is your perfect destination for a leisurely coffee break or an impromptu conversation when you're in town. 

Think of Moe's as either a place to fuel up before your next adventure... or as the cozy reprieve after a glorious day spent hiking in the Cascade Mountains. You can play it either way. Or do both, really. There' no such thing as too much delicious PNW coffee.

Beautiful Darrington, WA

Moe's Coffee isn't just a place to grab a fantastic cup of joe; it's a testament to the love of coffee and the community of Olympic Avenue. Built one cup at a time, Moe's has become a daily gathering spot for locals and an essential stop for travelers exploring Arlington's transformation from a rural community to a boutique-centered tourist haven. Their Darrington location has a built-in view of Whitehorse Mountain. A simply incredible compliment to the perfect cup of coffee.

What sets Moe's apart is not only its carefully crafted coffee but also its sister restaurant, The Lounge. Here, you can savor hand-shaken cocktails, fresh salads, and mouthwatering pizzas. The best part? You can order Lounge favorites online for easy pickup.

Grab a pizza for the trail? Sure. Why not?

Craft beer is also on tap

Moe's Coffee encapsulates the essence of the Pacific Northwest, combining elements of northwest coffee culture, wine, craft beer, and the spirit of adventure. 

When you're in our neck of the woods put Moe's on your to-do list. It's where every sip is a taste of the Pacific Northwest's finest.

Adventure awaits!

Downtown Arlington offers bespoke boutiques and small-town PNW diners with all the breakfast foods you simply can't resist.

Let's go

Darrington is a place where incredible mountain views and great coffee are the stuff of everyday wonder.

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