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Meet the Sno-Isle Foods Co-op, Snohomish County’s First B Corp

If you love food, I mean if you truly care about food and all the systemic responsibility that it encapsulates and entails – the politics, economy, ecology, and sociology of what we eat and why – you need to experience the Sno-Isle Food Co-op in Everett.

When traveling in or through Snohomish County, stop at “the co-op" as it’s simply called by locals, for all the ingredients or pre-prepared deli foods for hiking, seaside picnicking, or urban strolling. 

Enjoy to-go fare like breakfast burritos, hot soup, custom sandwiches, and smoothies. Pick up a little something from the expansive selection of craft beverages in the beer and wine cooler. And stuff your day pack or rucksack with all of the natural, organic, and fair trade snacks that you can. 

Snohomish County is a big place to explore, so you’ll want to fuel up at the co-op before you head for the hills (literally). 

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What’s a B Corp? 

Besides all the delicious food, the Sno-Isle Foods Co-op is a trailblazer in business – it's the first certified B Corp-certified business in Snohomish County. To attain B Corp status, the co-op had to achieve an exacting, third-party certification of sustainable business practices, as well as demonstrate and quantify their social and environmental responsibility.  

Additionally, the co-op has a list of strict criteria that it uses to select its products and distributors (i.e. organic certification and quality standards). So, when you buy your beach snacks and mountain fuel at the co-op, you’re sure that all your goodies have been ethically and locally sourced with an eye to the quality of the product. 

As an enlightened explorer, you can know that what’s good to eat at the co-op is also good for the community of farmers and artisans in Snohomish County. 

Leah Scates, General Manager

Invest in Everett (and Snohomish County) 

The co-op has thrived in downtown Everett since 1997. Everett is a seaside city with historic PNW infrastructure, progressive food politics, and easy access to the mountains and the Salish Sea. The old buildings downtown are increasingly being repurposed as locations for hip coffee shops, upscale toy retailers, and music venues. 

When taken together, the co-op and other esteemed local businesses offer a great case study on why investing in Snohomish County is a wise idea. Old meets new in appealing ways in Urban Basecamp. 

Want to invest here? Tap into a talented, forward-thinking workforce. Ideas can flourish in Snohomish County, growing boldly in the culture that the Pacific Northwest is known for internationally. 

The Sno-Isle Foods Co-op 

2804 Grand Ave, Everett, WA 98201 

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Everett, WA is a great place to start a small business. Learn more about this promising city in Urban Basecamp. You may ask, Why Everett?

Here's why

Urban Basecamp is just north of Seattle, and offers the walkability and culture of the Emerald City, but with a more independent spirit. And plenty of great eats. Check it out.

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