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You’ve Hiked the Mountains, Now Take to the Sea

The Salish Sea, lakes and rivers in Seattle NorthCountry are ready to be explored.

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There’s nothing like spending time on the water — whether it’s paddle boarding around a lake or kite surfing on the Sound, there’s something about getting out on the water that being in the mountains cannot replicate.

We decided to take in the myriad of water activities Seattle NorthCountry has to offer.


You and the lake and the serene feeling that comes over you: that’s what we were after when we pulled into Thornton A. Sullivan Park at Silver Lake in Everett (11405 Silver Lake Rd). Hydrology Stand Up Paddle Boardingoffers tours of Silver Lake for just $20 an hour, and that includes everything you need to get out on Silver Lake.

After paddling around for the afternoon and working up an appetite, we decided on a late lunch at Piroshky & Crepes (1327 112th St SE), a nearby local favorite. A cup of Turkish coffee and a beef and cheese Piroshky was just what we needed after a morning on the water.

Got the hang of paddleboarding? Test the waters at the Everett marina, or Lundeen Park on tranquil Lake Stevens.


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We decided to head to Arlington to kayak down the Stillaguamish River. We met up with Adventure Cascades (120 E Burke Ave) for the trip. Adventure Cascades offers not only kayaking trips, but whitewater rafting tours for the more extreme. Kayaking cost us $35 per person for five mile a self-guided trip.

We enjoyed taking our time floating down the river. We even stopped off on a sandy bank to eat some snacks and take some pictures. After the trip, we treated ourselves to a burger at Nutty’s Junkyard Grill (6717 204th St NE) just outside of downtown Arlington. Trust us — the burgers are outrageously delicious. Like something you’d find from a classic burger joint from a bygone America.


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Seattle NorthCountry is home to one of the best kiteboarding venues in the world — Jetty Island. Located in Everett on the Salish Sea, Jetty Island in the summer and early fall is filled with kiteboarders looking for an adrenaline fix. We wanted to join in on the fun, but kiteboarding has a little more of a learning curve than a quick introduction on how to use the equipment. If you want to learn the ropes, Urban Surf Kite School in offers multiple classes on how to harness the wind and get surfing. Urban Surf operates out of both Seattle and Everett.

We decided to dine on fish and chips from Ray’s Drive-In (1401 Broadway) at Boxcar Park (1200 Millwright Loop West) and watch the kiteboarders from across the water, and we weren’t disappointed (in the food or the show).

Henry Yarsinske, Jr.
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