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Petrikor: The Modern General for Creating a Life Worth Savoring

Quality goods that bring intention to your day.

All photos in this article are courtesy of @petrikor_living

It’s no secret that it rains a lot in the Pacific Northwest. If you spend enough time here, you’ll come to recognize the distinct, earthy smell of fresh raindrops. It’s called petrichor — an intoxicating scent that connects us to nature and reminds us of home. 

This aromatic sentiment inspired Aaron Sheckler and Scott Hulme to explore the ethos of simple living and the connection we have to the spaces around us when they created Downtown Everett’s new general store, Petrikor. 

“Our idea behind Petrikor comes from the need to slow down a little bit and focus on the products we’re bringing into our homes,” says Hulme. “To make buying more intentional, more of a ceremony.” 

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Petrikor, which opened its doors in May, offers modern dwellers a curated collection of seasonal home and garden goods rooted in time-honored traditions and designs for everyday living. Whether it’s having the right filter to brew the perfect cup of coffee in the morning, your favorite watering pot to nurture your plants in the afternoon, or an intricately designed corkscrew to open a nice bottle of wine in the evening, Petrikor seeks to help its customers create a life worth savoring. 

“Whatever space you occupy is important,” says Sheckler. “It’s our job to help you enjoy it as much as possible.” 

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What began as a hobby that combined their mutual love for gardening and sustainable design when they began dating in 2018, Sheckler and Hulme created Petrikor after discovering their knack for transforming interior and exterior spaces with mindfulness and functionality. 

“We want to show that we're proud of who we are,” says Sheckler. “We want our business to reflect that and be a safe space for everyone to feel the same security we feel here in Everett.” 

The business launched as an online store in 2021, but visions of a brick-and-mortar location took shape in the early days of the pandemic. With lots of time to contemplate and encouragement from other local business owners, Sheckler and Hulme took the leap and rented a space in the historic Pioneer Block Building on Rucker Ave and brought Petrikor to life. 

“I like sharing our passion with everybody,” says Hulme. “It lets me know I’m making a contribution to people’s happiness (in a way) that’s bigger than myself.” 

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What’s the key to happiness at Petrikor? Selling quality goods from quality makers. Sheckler and Hulme make a conscious effort to source their consumables from local businesses — including Cascadia Mushrooms (mushrooms from Bellingham), Rainy Day Bees (beeswax candles from Seattle), and Olive Naturals (soaps from Everett). They also promote the work of artisans from across the globe who craft tried-and-true products that stand the test of time. How do they recognize quality when they see it? By simply using these products. Everything they sell is personally tested in their home, garden, or kitchen. 

“We’ve done the hard work for you,” says Sheckler. “We use everything in here, so we know others will be happy with them too. These are products we believe in.” 

Petrikor’s commitment to selling quality products is only rivaled by its owners’ commitment to becoming a fixture in Everett’s community of growing and thriving businesses. Just a month into its tenure, Petrikor has already hosted neighborhood events, gained a loyal customer base, and brought some diversity to the local small-business community as a gay-owned business. 

“We want to show that were proud of who we are,” says Sheckler. “We want our business to reflect that and be a safe space for everyone to feel the same security we feel here in Everett.” 

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As the summer activities heat up around Everett, the couple has plans to host art classes, sip and shops, and serve food. But most importantly, they’ll continue delivering quality goods that help people appreciate the in-between moments of each day. 

“If you strip everything away, we just want to create space,” says Hulme. “Even if it’s just for one thing to make your day better.” 


Visit Petrikor: The Modern General   


2816 Rucker Ave 

Everett, WA 98201 


Thursday 12pm-6pm 

Friday-Saturday 10am-6pm 

Sunday 12pm-5pm 


Petrikor is a general store for modern dwellers to purchase quality goods for your: 





For more information, visit Petrikor online: 

Website: petrikorliving.com 

Or follow the store on social media (@petrikorliving) 





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