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Rainy Day Dining: Everett Serves Up

When grey, drizzly days make you feel like cozying up inside with something warm and satisfying, Everett serves it up.

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Dining options in Everett reflect so much of this city’s evolving vibe. Innovative, yet humble. Familiar, but executed with a twist. And when days are grey and the cold drizzle makes you feel like cozying up inside with something warm and satisfying, Everett serves it up.

Brooklyn Brothers Pizzeria

The secret to Brooklyn Brothers’ loyal local fandom? It’s in the water.

Allegedly, the water of Everett, Washington, sourced high in the Cascade Mountains and filtered through old city pipes, is similar in taste to the water of Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Brothers actively strive to create truly authentic thin crust pizza, daily mixing all their dough in Everett, Washington for that authentic taste before trucking it to their four locations throughout the region.

Brooklyn Bros. Pizzeria (Everett location) 1919 Hewitt Avenue, Everett, WA 98201 (425) 258·6900

Capers + Olives

Capers + Olives is the sort of place you don’t want to tell your friends about. Some places are better left as secrets. But we might as well tell you – the food here is great, and seemingly too affordable for the quality. It’s cooked up in the open kitchen of this brick-walled downtown Italian bistro.

Worth trying are not only handmade pasta dishes but also the fresh salads, such as arugula watermelon with feta cheese. It’s the rarest of places: a place where your stomach and your wallet will thank you afterward, both of them contentedly filled.

Capers + Olives, 2933 Colby Avenue, Everett, WA 98201, (425) 322-5280

J Ramen

You may think of ramen as those budget-friendly little bricks of processed rice noodles wrapped in cellophane. But true ramen is a hearty, brothy vegetable-filled savory experience that deserves the full attention of all of your senses-- particularly in winter.

J Ramen is tucked away inconspicuously a few blocks from the Salish Sea on the west side of Hewitt Avenue. Appropriately, the interior feels like a cabin of a ship: cozy, bright on a gloomy day, and paneled with wood.

If you’re not a fan of soup, be sure to try their authentic sushi rolls-- each roll seemingly competing with the next for ornate colors and presentation.

J Ramen and Sushi, 1011 Hewitt Avenue, Everett, WA 98201, (360) 388-0228

The New Mexicans

Here, you’ll put your phone aside, settle in and relax. At this self-described Southwestern homestyle kitchen, the welcoming atmosphere will warm you as much as the posole.

The menu is packed with tried-and-true New Mexico family recipes, making your choices difficult; sharing with table mates is a good strategy. The tender, mushroom-sauce smoked chicken enchilada is a standout. Baked beans are just right: sweet, but with a zing. And where else around these parts will you find Texas-style mac and cheese?

Portions are generous, but try to save room for Aunt Susie’s carrot cake.

The New Mexicans, 1416 Hewitt Avenue, Everett, WA 98201, (425) 512-9705

Choux Choux Bakery

Be warned: as you walk in, the olfactory hug of butter and sugar wafting out from the back may tempt you to order a bit more than intended. At this bright center of indulgence, lunch on quiche, French onion soup, savory croissant, pizza of the day, or a freshly-made sandwich on demi baguette. On a recent stop, the flakey goodness of a savory caramelized onion hand pie inspired an impulsive order of two more for workmates to enjoy.

Don’t even consider skipping the sweets - box up something up for later, if need be. Alongside bars, cookies, tarts, cakes and pastries galore offered daily, you’ll also find seasonal surprises like Norwegian krumkake. Give in.

Choux Choux Bakery, 2900 Grand Avenue, Everett, WA 9820, (425) 322-5805

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