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Russell’s: the Barn-Bistro in a Business Park

Head chef Russell Lowell lovingly cooks fresh fish and animal protein into flavorful, no-nonsense dishes.

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Russell’s in Bothell is a converted dairy barn in the middle of a suburban business park. This unique environment is perfect for the restaurant's modern rustic vibe. The interior decor of the place reads like a Hemingway novel: wood, taxidermy, a bit rugged in a gentlemanly-sports guy vibe.

Head chef Russell Dean Lowell, a fly fisherman, lovingly coaxes fresh fish and animal protein into flavorful, no-nonsense dishes. They pride themselves on their selection of local wines, including vintages from Woodinville and Lake Stevens.

The loft of the barn is a wedding venue. The downstairs is a classy place to get brunch, a fine dinner, or a glass of wine. They offer classic American fare like fresh halibut, chicken, and steak—all expertly paired with wines.

Russell’s is a delicious place to visit when you want a classic American-style meal in a rustic setting without ever leaving the suburbs of Seattle. Go for the top-notch food, linger for the wine.

Russell’s Restaurant and Loft
3305 Monte Villa Parkway
Bothell, WA 98021
(425) 286-6279

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Richard Porter
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