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Seaside Shopping in Edmonds

Edmonds is a highly walkable city. As such, it’s a highly window-shoppy city with many little boutiques and galleries to explore and wander through. If you’re a fan of shopping as recreation, or if you’re in search of a unique, one-off, handpicked gift for someone in your life, then Edmonds is your place for retail exploration!

Let’s take a closer look at your best bets for shopping downtown.

Driftwood Modern

The Curious Nest

405 Main St.

Boutique - Shabby chic - Stationary

If there was a formula for the vibe at the Curious Nest it would be something like: French antiques + local art + intricate jewlery. This boutique is made for window shopping and the gathering of gifts for beloved folk in your life. Between apothecary items and chocolates you’ll come out of the ‘Nest feeling comfy and cozy about your purchases.


318 Main St.

Domestic goodies - That something for the kitchen - Practical

Describing itself as “Furnishings for modern life” HouseWares has been offering quality furniture, home decor, cook's supplies, soaps, candles, and barware in Edmonds since 1999. They aren’t looking to reinvent the wheel with amazing new products; rather, they elevate old classics like salad bowls and wine glasses by offering artisan-built wares for the discerning domestic denizen.

Driftwood Modern

403 1/2 Main St.

Modern - Chic - Eclectic

For gifts at a higher price point it’s Driftwood Modern. The name says it all – this modern-leaning gallery offers impressionistic paintings, Nordic-inspired and mid-century modern furniture, and objets d’art that will elevate your home decor game. A muted tonal palette and occasional splashes of color evoke seaside landscapes. High quality is inherent in all that this Edmonds gallery offers.

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The Wishing Stone

523 Main St

Gems - Jewelry - Gifts

You have that one friend (or maybe it’s you?) who is really into gems. Rockhounds will adore this small shop dedicated to all manner of amethyst, turquoise, quartz, and any other manner of quality gemstones. Hunks of raw minerals sit side-by-side with handcrafted silver jewelry. The Wishing Stone is owned and operated by an honest-to-goodness gemologist. This is truly a place where you’d buy a piece that makes a personal statement. And check out the size of that malachite!


114 4th Ave N.

Eclectic - Quirky - Artsy-craftsy

For the boho-chic artisan in your life. Crow is where drinkware, jewelry, and embroidered pillows coexist in casual harmony. Accessories, drinkware, and canvas bags are the name of the game. If you’re looking for the perfect something for the free-spirited blogger at the coffee shop, Crow is worth a carefree interval of perusing. 

The Papery

412 Main St.

All things stationary - Gifts - Hobbies

Paper and stationery lovers (you know who you are) – rejoice! The Papery has you covered with greeting cards, calendars, journals, stationery, and decorative napkins. But their gift cache also expands to include soaps, seasonal gifts, nautical gifts, so there are plenty of goodies to swoop up for the gifting times in your life. Can you ever have too much quality stationery? There’s so much potential!

Treasures and Teas

102 5th Ave S

For the foodie - Comfort - Into pirates, much?

Treasures and Teas might be the most uniquely-curated boutique in Edmonds. After all, it combines nautical and pirate themed merch with teas and and international collection of drinkware. It’s a store worth perusing if only for the Edmonds-themed swag and souvenirs. Ahoy!


Visit the Cascadia Art Museum for inspiration and artsy gifts.

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Luxury shopping awaits in Seattle NorthCountry. Make a day of it!

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