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Snow Sports Guide

When the snowcaps start to show, there is no better time to experience the mountains than by taking a trek to Stevens Pass, Snoqualmie or Darrington for your very own snow-trekking adventure.


Stevens Pass has many points of entry for exploration, whether it's for snowshoeing, skiing or tubing. This incredible area on the crest of the Cascades area is well known for snow-trekking activity, and isn't too far from the town of Leavenworth, a popular German village known for its amazing displays and sold-out crowds during the holiday season and the Wild Sky Wilderness to the West.

Many activities in this wintery landscape are family-friendly, but some are a bit of a challenge, so for beginners especially, it's necessary to be supplied with the right equipment. Luckily, the path to accommodations, snow trekking supplies and great adventure are all laid out before you in package deals from the Stevens Pass website.


Just northwest of Darrington is the Finny Creek-Segelson Creek Sno-Park on Mt. Higgins. This 63 mile groomed winter recreation trail is designated for snowmobiling and takes you to beautiful Cumberland Pass to the west and Finney Creek to the east. To use this winter recreational trail a Sno-Park Permit is required.


The blankness of the landscape is meditative. The zen-like experience of serene silence: no thoughts are sometimes the best thoughts. The expert or amateur snowshoe-traveler can sojourn across long scenic distances and expect to enjoy the solitude of nature while getting a heck of a workout.

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Wade T. Oberlin