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The Farmhouse Flower Farm

When I scheduled our phone call, I didn’t expect to get off the phone with Marryn Mathis inspired to make my own art. I mean, we were just going to talk about flowers, right?


Marryn’s story is that of gratitude, passion, and the bone-deep knowledge that she was meant to do more. Her life over the last decade has seemingly been laid out for her, each step predestined, leading her home.

After realizing that her long-time tech job in the healthcare industry was not what she needed from life, Marryn quit. While trying to figure out what it was that she did need from life, she remained a stay-at-home mom to her three boys. Eventually, she fell upon flower farming. Her husband, a farm boy in his childhood and eager to get back to the land, was fully on board.

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Finding the perfect plot of land for their new venture was the biggest challenge. After an extensive hunt for land, they sold their house in Stanwood and relocated to a small chunk of land on Camano with the plan of creating their perfect plot. They were fully prepared to build their dream from the ground up. They had laid the foundation for their house and were heading into their second season of flower farming when Kismet stepped in. One night, after the kids were asleep and all their farming and building work was complete, Marryn decided to check the real estate market. Just four hours earlier, a 1901 farmhouse had been listed, complete with 10 acres of farming land in Stanwood.

Marryn went to see the property the next day and it felt like home: she could see her family living and thriving on this property. They made it happen and this August 2023 will mark three years.

Working the land as a family, her husband, Scott, who has decades of experience in construction, is lovingly referred to as Head of Infrastructure. Marryn is the heart of the farm: designing, planning, farming, and pouring her heart and soul into the earth. Their three boys, Mason, Maverick, and Farmer Finn are stewards of the land. They help with tasks like weeding, hauling compost, caring for the cats, dogs, and chickens, harvesting flowers, making bouquets, splitting dahlia tubers, and helping mom take beautiful photos of their carefully cultivated land.

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The Farmhouse Flower Farm takes in-person visits by appointment only. During your appointment, you can buy cut flowers and have a bouquet made for a special occasion, or just because. 

Throughout the year, Farmhouse Flower Farm has online seed, tuber and bulb sales. In January, Marryn sells seeds. In March, dahlia tubers. In September, bulbs. And, during the fall and early winter, Marryn also holds in-person and online workshops called Sweet Pea School, where she can share her love of sweet peas with folks from around the world.

In addition to shopping by appointment or purchasing from the website, Marryn also hosts a wildly popular Mother’s Day bouquet sale. Follow her social media and sign up for the Farmhouse Flower Farm newsletter to be the first to know about events.

And, when you visit, be prepared to experience the joy and gratitude that encompasses Marryn. It is highly contagious.


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