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Your Ideal Summer Trail Run in the Cascades Is Here

One thing’s for sure about Darrington, Washington.

It’s paradise on earth.

If you like running and beautiful Pacific Northwest scenery, this summer your dream can come true. The Glacier Peak Institute is hosting a 12K and half marathon event along the Whitechuck Bench Trail.

Both the 12K and the half marathon will be held on August 15th outside of Darrington.Let’s take a look at how lush this run is.

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That’s pretty great.

Included with registration: t-shirt, snacks, water, a wooden coaster with new GPI logo, and exclusive coupons for local businesses

The Glacier Peak Institute is a Darrington-based organization that connects rural youth to the outdoors through STEM classes. Right now they are looking for volunteers for the upcoming August races. If you volunteer, you get to run the course for free beforehand (see volunteer signup link at the bottom of this article).

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Make a weekend of it! The Stillaguamish-Sauk River Valleys are a top scenic destination in the Central Cascades.

While you’re in Darrington, be sure to stop by River Time Brewing for a pizza and a craft beer. Stay the night at the brand-new Whitehorse County Park, or hike to the North Mountain Lookout for an IG-ready view. This area is a place where you'll want to linger and explore the trails that criss-cross the mountains and valleys.

Trail runners rejoice! Your ideal summer path lies just ahead.

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