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The Unique Upcycling Road Trip: Antiques and Thrifting in Seattle NorthCountry

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Search for pre-loved gems in the true PNW.

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One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and searching for secondhand treasures is more than just a pirate’s pastime. Antiquers come from near and far to gander, graze, and cut deals in a place officially known as the Antique Capital of the Northwest.

Downtown Snohomish is home to hundreds of antique dealers at numerous shop locations. There’s the Antique Station at Victoria Village, Antique Warehouse, and Star Center Mall, to start. Maybe you want to redecorate your country-style home with genuine Americana goods, or find that perfect retro wall-hanging? Whether you’re looking for turn-of-the-century furniture with great patina, a pair of leather Beatles boots, or mid-century modern kitchenware, Snohomish has your desires covered.

The Star Center Mall (829 2nd St) alone is a five-floor complex with over two hundred dealers selling art glass, vintage toys, estate jewelry, and collectibles. Every dealer specializes in his and her own interests. From store to store the effect creates an array of collections for every niche: a corner of war memorabilia, a case of costume jewelry, a wall of purses, Uranium dishware.

Downtown Snohomish’s Main Street is lined with small boutiques and antique stores. One could literally spend a full day in this small brick riverside downtown and not explore all of the offerings distributed throughout this treasure hunt of a city.

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After shopping, sit and relax over lunch or dinner at Cabbage Patch Restaurant (2925, 111 Ave A). They play the oldies over the radio, serve up American comfort food and will leave you feeling nostalgic in a historic house turned restaurant. Their pie is made from scratch and allegedy the old Victorian house is home to a resident ghost.

And secondhand treasures may start in Snohomish but they don’t have to end there. Fifteen minutes east in Monroe, you can find M&M Antiques and Collectibles on Main Street — a trove of reasonably-priced gems.

A few minutes to the west in the seaside city of Everett, be sure to check out Hot Rod Heidi’s Vintage Clothing on downtown Hewitt Avenue (1301 Hewitt Ave). If you like retro fashion, Heidi Sawdon and company can outfit you to look like a 1930’s starlet or a 1960’s fashionista. Bonus: the shop is in the same storefront as Sunken Ship Tattoo. Mix and match clothes and retro goods for a whole new look.

Next door to Hot Rod Heidi’s is Second Chance Antiques and Furniture, another antiques store offering nostalgic items at low prices.

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While you’re in the Port Gardner Neighborhood, be sure to stop for a bite at Choux Choux Bakery or the Sno-Isle Foods Co-op — you can’t really go wrong with the from-scratch food at either place. Or, if you want more of a sit-down experience, try nearby The New Mexicans for fresh takes on American Southwest dishes like pulled pork sandwiches and green enchiladas.

Right on Broadway, you can find Everett’s only used record store, Bargain CDs Records and Tapes (2100 25th St). Get those 45s spinning in style where all the vinyl is always half-priced.

When in Everett, be sure to also visit The Grand Leader (1502 Hewitt Ave), a hundred-year-old building that’s been completely remodeled and now offers a carefully-curated selection of Mid Mod furniture, upscale housewares and inspired, eclectic finds in great condition.

Of course, the thrill is in the search for the next thing. Treasure hunting is a good excuse to enjoy the pleasure of dining, walking, and relaxing in the classy old cities of Seattle NorthCountry.

Restore and reward yourself with adventure and leisure in the heart of the true PNW.

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