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Your Next PNW Maritime Adventure: Hotel Indigo & the Everett Waterfront

The Pacific Northwest coastline is a bucket list place – a place where the Salish Sea sparkles, islands float in mist, and the snow-capped Olympic Mountains rise ragged on the horizon.

The Everett Waterfront is just half an hour north of Seattle. The Everett Marina is the largest marina on the West Coast of the United States.

This fact isn’t lost on the Hotel Indigo group. In their new hotel on the Everett Waterfront, they’ve leveraged a nautical motif into all aspects of their hotel design and the experience of hotel guests.

The brand new hotel opened in 2019. Everything at Hotel Indigo is tied to the sea, thematically and aesthetically – from the photo murals of boats at sea, to the porthole-like mirrors on the shiplap halls, to light fixtures that look like crab pots. The décor and concept of Hotel Indigo celebrate Everett’s maritime past, transforming it to a higher diction than its traditional industrial vibe.

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Why stay here?

The vibe here is just right for a relaxing weekend by the sea. Relax in the lobby to the sounds of mid-2000s indie rock. Nibble a quinoa protein bowl underneath vintage photo murals at the Jetty Bar and Grille where floor-to-ceiling windows open to the waterfront. Rent a kayak and stroll the fountained promenade along the Central Docks of the Everett Waterfront.

In the rooms, modern décor meets nautical theme with barn-style sliding doors, walk-in showers with glass doors, and small tree-ring motifs incorporated into the flooring. Slip on a complimentary terry cloth bathrobe and fire up your Keurig coffee machine.

The hotel's King Suites have balconies, most of which open up to views of the waterfront. You wouldn’t be wrong to leave the sliding door ajar to let in a brisk sea breeze, as you lay on a plush bed in a bathrobe, sipping coffee.

This is the seaside luxury that you’d expect from a vacation on the coast of Puget Sound.

The hotel also offers 8,000 sq. ft. of meeting space for a get-together or event.

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Nearby attractions

There's more to the Everett Waterfront than lodging. These options are within walking distance of Hotel Indigo.

Bluewater Distilling

Sip organic craft cocktails by the water. These craft spirits are distilled in house inside of copper kettles. Dine al fresco on the Bluewater patio when the sun’s out.

Scuttlebutt Brewing Co.

A brewpub that serves up cold beverages, crispy fish and chips, burgers and fries.

Boxcar Park & the Weyerhaeuser Building

Walk through this park right on the waterfront with views of marina sailboats, Jetty Island, and the Olympic Mountains. It’s not uncommon to see harbor seals pop up from the water here.

The Everett Marina

Watch sailboats and yachts bob in the tides at the public marina. Or, if you’re a boat-owner yourself, you can sail into the marina and rent a slip for the night. From there, hop into your hotel room and dine on the waterfront.

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