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Gold Bar

​Further up Highway 2, and surrounded on all four sides by the beautiful Cascade Mountains, is the riverside community of Gold Bar.

Gold Bar is situated in the center of the Skykomish River Valley and is rich in recreational opportunities such as camping, fishing, tours of the Washington State Fish Hatchery and hiking. Nearby Wallace Falls State Park, located two miles north of Gold Bar, has a 7-mile loop trail leading to the spectacular 265-foot waterfall and panoramic views of the Skykomish River Valley.

As its name implies, Gold Bar was named after prospectors who settled here while searching for gold along the Skykomish River and its tributaries in 1869. It became a major construction site for the Great Northern Railroad. One Golf Bar secret is that a gun fight in the late 1800's so inflamed anti-Chinese sentiment that Chinese railway workers had to be smuggled out of town in coffins to avoid certain death. By 1900, the Gold Bar Lumber Company employed 300 men. The train depot was also built at this time.

Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Information

Sky Valley Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 46
Sultan, WA 98294

Phone: 360-793-0983
Email: debbie@skyvalleyvic.net