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Asbestos Creek Falls

Asbestos Creek Falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in the state of Washington which can be seen from a road, but it isn't highly regarded due to its seasonal nature and the fact that only about one-third to half of the falls can be seen with ease. Asbestos Creek flows essentially from the summit of Jumbo Mountain and cascades in a seemingly never-ending series of falls down the mountainside in a series of falls and cascades. Because there is no apparent beginning to the falls it's difficult to say exactly how tall the falls are. Having gotten a good look at the upper tiers of the falls, our estimated height of the total drop has been refined and reduced a bit, down to about 800 feet instead of 950. Visiting in the late spring and early summer months will yield the best conditions.
From Darrington follow Sauk River Road #20 south 2.5 miles to Clear Creek Road #2060 and turn right. Drive another 2.5 miles to where Asbestos Creek flows beneath the gravel road. The steep cascades are a few hundred feet upstream.

Darrington, Washington 98252