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Bad Dog Distillery

Hank isn’t a bad dog per se, but he sure is something! His nickname was earned through some questionable actions though. You know, the things that bad dogs do: chasing rocks down hills, enjoying a good roll through the mud or even better, a dead animal. Regardless of his antics he has a couple very important identifiers: Dave McGlothern’s faithful companion, and the namesake of Bad Dog Distillery.

In 2012 Dave and wife, Shelly, decided it was time to do something worth doing, and with that realization, they came up with putting together a local distillery here in Snohomish County. Hailing from the rural area of Bryant, just North of Arlington, they haven’t decided to take their business elsewhere, but to grow something here at home. Shelly and Dave are proud to have Bad Dog Distillery as a local business ready to provide quality product and charitable efforts to their community. 

The goals of Bad Dog Distillery are no different. Shelly and Dave have worked hard to perfect excellent liquors for everyone in the area to enjoy. They aim to not only provide a product, but to give a sense of pride and togetherness to the community via their business. Bad Dog Distillery will go hand in hand with community efforts which Shelly and Dave graciously donate their time and money to.
Everybody is invited to the Bad Dog tasting room and test the waters. Kick back and enjoy our homemade liquors and enjoy the kind of environment that makes Snohomish County great. We hope to see you there!  

19109 63rd Ave NE, Suite 1A
Arlington, Washington 98223

Phone: 360-435-3981

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