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Blackman House Museum presented by Snohomish Historical Society


The story of this home begins in 1872 when the Blackman Brothers’ lumber mill in Bradley, Maine, now a historic demonstration site, had fallen deeper into debt, finally declaring bankruptcy.
The brothers, with their wives, left for the Pacific Northwest that fall, just before the first snows of another New England winter. The families took a sailing ship around Cape Horn to San Francisco, bringing with them their most cherished household goods, including the piano in the front room. From San Francisco they booked passage to Port Gamble in the Washington Territory.
Within three years, the Brothers had established their own logging operation on a small lake called Stillaguamish, north of Snohomish. Two years later this home on Avenue B was built.  This house is the only structure that has survived from the days when the Blackman families dominated Avenue B. The Blackman House is the only home to have survived of the three built on Avenue B by the Blackman brothers from Maine.
The Blackman Bros. Co. grew to dominate the early lumber industry of the Snohomish River Valley. Just two doors up from First Street (on Avenue B), the historic home offers two floors of period furnishing where you can sit with a cup of tea and listen to the stories of early Snohomish. Built in 1878, the cozy family home features two floors of objects both original to the Blackman Family and those donated by the families of other early Snohomish settlers.


118 Avenue B
Snohomish, Washington 98290

Phone: 360-568-5235

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