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Climbing in Darrington

The climbing area traditionally known as Darrington lies in the Clear Creek and Copper Creek drainages, south of Darrington, Washington. There are even larger walls and some relatively new climbs in the Squire Creek drainage as well. The area is both rugged and remote, and approaches can involve moderate bushwacking or scrambling.

The Darrington area is also home to glaciated peaks in wilderness settings and there is a diverse collection of boldering sites. Most of the published information pertains to the traditional rock climbing in Clear Creek, near Darrington, but climbers visit this area for a wide variety of climbing opportunities in addition to the rock climbing in Clear Creek.

Elsewhere in the Darrington district there are bouldering opportunities at diverse locations and there are wilderness rock climbs in exciting locations such as the West Face of Sloan Peak. An amazing climb on conglomerate cobbles can be found on one of the towers on the north face of Big Four Mountain. The Ptarmigan Traverse is a nationally famous mountaineering trek from a trailhead in the Cascade River Valley, east of Marblemount, to the Suiattle River valley, north of Darrington. Glacier Peak lords over the wilderness to the east.

Three O'Clock Rock, The Comb, Green Giant Buttress, and Squire Creek Wall all lie within the Boulder River Wilderness. Power drills are prohibited in designated wilderness areas.

The West Face of Sloan Peak lies in designated wilderness. The Ptarmigan Traverse and other peaks along the cascade crest are inside wilderness boundaries. Most other Darrington climbing areas lie outside of designated wilderness. In the historic Darrington area only Three O'Clock Rock is served by a maintained trail. Other approaches can be adventurous.

Darrington, Washington