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Heybrook Lookout

Photo: Filson PR

The Heybrook Lookout sits atop its namesake ridge at 1,700 feet. The lookout itself rises 67 feet above the ridge line and provides spectacular views of breathtaking glacial peaks surrounding the valley.

The first Heybrook fire lookout was a simple tent platform built in 1925. The Forest Service replaced it seven years later with a 45-foot log leg tower, with a ground-level cabin intended as sleeping quarters for fire rangers; however, rampant rodents eventually drove the rangers up into the tower where they lived until a 67-foot lookout was built in 1964.

Heybrook Lookout is one of only 106 lookouts left in Washington State and you can reserve an overnight stay there.

Click here for reservations.

Index, Washington 98256

Phone: 360-677-2414

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