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Narrative Coffee

Narrative Coffee is made up of people who like people. As a whole, they want to be nice to you and make you coffee that tastes delicious. They're serious about both things in the way that they spend far too much of their personal time working to become better at what they do. They like to: be outdoors, read books, get involved in their community, make music, make art, make food, eat food, drink delicious things, visit friends' coffee shops, explore the world, and they like to make coffee for Everett.

Maxwell is a coffee geek through and through. He has competed and placed well in a number of barista competitions including holding the 3rd place Pacific Northwest Regional Barista Championship title, he's ranked nationally in the last two United States Barista Championships bringing in the 13th highest score at the 2016 USBC, he's placed in the elite eight at the Coffee Fest World Latte Art Championship in Chicago 2015 and Portland 2015 besting two first place title holders in the process. He also has an entire Instagram feed dedicated to latte art because he's silly. He also likes to write in the third person (but doesn't like to talk about himself so much, but his friends and mentors told him he had to list out all his accomplishments...) and use the royal "we."

Richard has an absolute passion and love for coffee. He's been chasing more perfect coffee at home for a number of years and his chase led him to a full blown coffee shop. He can talk with the best of them about extraction, quality coffee making equipment, data and research, spreadsheets, geckos and other reptiles, track racing and bikes, and pretty much any other interest you can imagine.


2927 Wetmore Ave
Everett, Washington 98201