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Annual Festivals

Stanwood-Camano Snow Goose & Birding Festival

For over a decade, interested citizens in our community have collaborated to put on a festival to celebrate the snow geese, swans and white wintering birds of our area. This festival takes place in February every year. Come see why the shores and waters of Puget Sound surrounding our community are internationally recognized as crucial habitat for countless birds of sea, shore and land.

Tours and guides will help you experience one of Western Washington’s most spectacular natural events - the annual winter gathering of thousands of Snow Geese and Trumpeter Swans. In addition, flocks of wintering seabirds and shorebirds along with many raptors call Stanwood and Camano home.

The Greater Skagit and Stillaguamish Delta consists of 91,429 acres of Port Susan and Skagit Bays, and is classified as Tidally Influenced Marine/Coastal Wetland. This area is a complex system of marshes, mudflats, and channels that support a wide variety of wildlife.

Specifically, it is among the most important of a series of estuaries in Puget Sound that collectively support large numbers of shorebirds during winter periods and spring and fall migration. Aerial surveys of wintering shorebirds conducted in the 1990s showed that this area is one of only four sites in Washington with seasonal concentrations of shorebirds exceeding 20,000 birds on a regular basis.

27130 102nd Ave NW
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