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To help serve our industry, Snohomish County Destination Alliance is excited to share monthly, quarterly and annual reporting.

The SCDA has identified three areas where we will focus our reporting efforts.

  1. Marketing Campaigns and Social Media - These reports will focus on SeattleNorthCountry.com website traffic, digital campaign performance and social media performance.
  2. Lodging Reporting - Leveraging tools like AllTheRooms, AirDNA, the STR report and others, we aim to keep the industry appraised of key metrics both at the county-level, but also for municipalities.
  3. Travel Trends - Understanding our visitors and their actions while in the County will be critical, not only for the DMO marketing efforts, but for County partners seeking to maximize their marketing dollars. The Travel Trends reporting sections will provide information on travelers coming to the county, where they originate, how much time they spend in market and places they visit. If you don't find the information you're looking for, please contact us for custom reports.

Marketing Campaigns and Social Media Reporting

  • March website and social media report
  • April website and social media report
  • May website, public relations and social media report
  • June website, public relations and social media report

Lodging Reports





Short-term Rental Reports

Travel Trends | Traveler Reporting

Below are visuals showing the daily travel within the US and Washington State. Arrivalist’s Daily Travel Index measures consumer road trips of 50 miles or more in all 50 U.S. states. The data is drawn from a panel of GPS signals representing road trips taken by car. The insights have been prepared to help gauge fluctuations in drive market trips in any of the 50 U.S. states.

  • Percentages are measured week over week (April 25 to May 2)
  • The first shows US road trips >50 miles by state
  • The second shows road trips >50 miles in Washington State
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Past Reports

Snohomish County Visitation Introduction - Arrivalist

2019 Q1 Arrivalist Data - Snohomish County

2019 Spring Conference

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