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Tourism Research & Data

Snohomish County Consumer Research Findings and National Research regarding Visitor Data.

Snohomish County Research:

Snohomish County Tourism Big Data: Data collection will provide visitor tracking and demographic information to help shape our marketing efforts. Key insights are gleaned from new data collection platforms, marketing campaigns and specific strategies and tactics, and shared with our tourism partners at Snohomish County Tourism Alliance events.

Snohomish County Consumer Research Findings: A random, but weighted, sample of about 5,000 records from a diverse selection of hotels in south, central, and north Snohomish County were analyzed. Our visitor geographic feeder markets and consumer lifestyles were uncovered.

Snohomish County Brand Platform: ”Seattle NorthCountry” is Snohomish County’s new tourism platform. Our brand is the creative representation of our destination’s intrinsic values and the fabric of which we are made. Read more about our brand platform and marketing strategies based on research, and our methodical and creative approach to enhance visitor experience, differentiate ourselves from our competitors and inspire travel.

Snohomish County Brand Platform: The insights learned from the research conducted as part of the branding process is funneled into a single sentence, the brand platform, which can be used as a guide for creative expressions and implementation initiatives ensuring consistency and relevance.

National Research:

Dean Runyan Report:

Dean Runyan Associates prepares annual travel impacts and visitor volume reports for the Washington Tourism Alliance. Dean Runyan Associates has specialized in research and planning services for the travel, tourism, and recreation industry since 1984. With respect to economic impact analysis, the firm developed and currently maintains a proprietary computer model for analyzing travel economic impacts at the state, regional, and local level. In 2017, Snohomish County saw a 6.2% increase in visitor spending and ranks third of all counties in Washington State.

Dean Runyan Preliminary Travel Impacts 2018 Washington State

Dean Runyan Report 2018 - Snohomish County

WA State Tourism Marketing Plan 2018

Consumer Research Findings

Snohomish County Destination Alliance Brand Guide